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L ocation is paramount when you’re operating a 24-hour veterinary emergency and specialty hospital. Chesapeake Veterinary Referral Center (CVRC) chose its Annapolis location specif ically for this reason. The St. John Proper ties building is located along a popular thoroughfare in Annapolis, which is convenient for pet owners and which of fers an additional, hidden perk.

Chesapeake Veterinary Referral Center 808 BESTGATE ROAD Annapolis, MD 21401 410.224.0121 “We are located on the human hospital grid and very seldom lose power” — a critical piece of operating a 24-hour emergency hospital that sees CVRC offers a wide range of services, including internal medicine, emergency care, cardiology, neurology, critical care, radiology, oncology, advanced imaging with CT and MRI, soft tissue surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurologic surgery and rehabilitation services. All of these services are fine-tuned for companion animals with the under- standing of how important these animals are to their owners. patients on an endless rotation. Diagnosing and treating pets is impossible without power. “Our space is a 24/7 hospital with exam rooms, procedure rooms, surgical suites, ICU and isolation,” Kris Evans, DVM, CCRT, Diplomate ACVS, said. “We have more than 50 doctors and over 100 nurses and support staff,” and their important work needs to be done in a top-notch facility.

To help support CVRC’s mission, St. John Properties customized the space to exactly what the staff needed. “St. John Properties built the building to our extremely specific needs,” Dr. Evans said. “[They] worked with each service’s doctors and administrative teams to make sure specific needs and demands were met to allow each service to grow and utilize the space to the maximum ability” — and without missing a beat in treating patients.

Choosing the St. John Properties location benefits the center in a variety of ways. “We’re pleased that St. John Properties offered the opportunity for CVRC to be housed in a green, LEED-certified building. They also made sure the interiors met our extremely precise wants and needs to provide high quality Veterinary Specialty Medical Care to our pet community.” With many years of experience, and multiple locations across Maryland, the center has had significant experience with other contractors and landlords. “CVRC has three hospitals in Maryland, and we have worked with many landlords and contractors,” Dr. Evans said. “St. John Properties has been excellent to work with both during construction and as landlords for the past year. St. John Properties has far surpassed several contractors we have worked with in the past, and we would certainly work with St. John Properties again in the future.”



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