Cocktail Culture 1.0, 2017


— 2.0 oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon — 1 small bar spoon of cane sugar — 4 dashes of tangerine spice bitters — 1 dash of angostura bitters — orange and lemon zest garnish

Mix bourbon, cane sugar, and bitters in an old-fashioned glass until sugar is dissolved. Add a single large ice cube, then garnish with orange peel and lemon zest.

Kaleidoscope Abelia x grandiflora

Kaleidoscope Abelia is as versatile as it is colorful, with chameleon-like foliage that changes from season to season; from golden yellow and fresh bright green in spring to orange-red and cranberry tones in fall and winter. This fragrant flowering shrub is the perfect plant for southern gardens, patio plantings, and large container gardens where the transitioning foliage and the sweetly scented flowers can be appreciated. Kaleidoscope is a mid-sized shrub reaching 2- to 3-feet in height with a 3-foot spread. Bonus, the plants are drought tolerant once established!

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