Cocktail Culture 1.0, 2017


— 2.0 oz lemongrass infused rum — splash soda — float of prosecco

Fill each glass with 2 ounces of lemongrass infused rum over ice, and add a splash of soda. Top up with prosecco and serve garnished with a lemon twist.

HILLIER ™ Porcelain Blue Corydalis x flexuosa

Truly something special for the garden, this Corydalis produces an abundance of highly fragrant clusters of long-spurred bright azure flowers on a very well- branched plant. Compact and free flowering, it blooms nonstop from spring through autumn; not suffering from full sun or summer’s heat like traditional varieties. In addition to the bright aqua blue flowers, the plant boasts very attractive foliage in blue-green hues along with bronze tones on dark stems. Porcelain Blue is sure to be one of the most attractive perennial plants for sun or shade gardens.

USDA Zone: Zone 5 hardy (-20°F / -38°C) Bloom Period: Spring through autumn

Habit: Upright clumping Garden Height: 12- to 18-inches

Propagation: Tissue culture pH/EC: 5.5-6.2 / 0.7-0.8 Fertilizer: 50 ppm Day Temp: 70 to 75ºF (21 to 24ºC) Night Temp: 50 to 55º (10 to 13ºC) Pinching: None

Finish Times from Liner: 1-Gallon 14-16 weeks 2-Gallon 16-18 weeks

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