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Our playgrounds are made from environmentally-friendly materials — 95% recycled posts and decks to be exact — giving you a playground that isn’t harsh on the environment with the added bonus of a natural look. Go ahead, give us a try. Playground Sale Score up to 35% Off Until September 7, 2022

$37,052 $57,003 GFP-20500 Ages: 5–12 Years Capacity: 35–40 Use Zone: 38' x 37'

$25,870 $39,800 GFP-30197 Ages: 5–12 Years Capacity: 25-30 Use Zone: 37’ x 26’

$35,470 $54,569 GFP-20577 Ages: 2–12 Years Capacity: 35-40 Use Zone: 39' x 35'

$24,848 $38,227 GFP-20455 Ages: 2–12 Years Capacity: 25–30 Use Zone: 33' x 29'

Want this without shade? GFP-20577-1 $30,502

Want this without shade? GFP-20455-1 $18,298

$23,262 $35,788 GFP-20593-1 Ages: 2–5 Years Capacity: 20–25 Use Zone: 30' x 27'

$1,504 $1,769 Farmer’s Market Stand

$1,951 $2,295 Post Office Stand (RECF0063XX) Ages: 2–12 Years

$1,505 $1,770 Bakery Stand (RECF0065XX) Ages: 2–12 Years

(RECF0064XX) Ages: 2–12 Years

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*Sale Terms and Conditions | SALE DATES: JUNE 13 – SEPTEMBER 7, 2022 Items must be ordered by September 7, 2022 and may not be held for future ship dates. Prices are for exact unit and do not include freight, surfacing, taxes, installation charges, or any applicable material surcharge. All standard color options are available. Grey recycled deck and post color option may have extended lead times. This discount may not be combined with any other promotional offer. Contact your authorized Superior Recreational Products dealer for more information.

Warning! Installation over a hard surface such as concrete, asphalt, or packed earth may result in serious injury from falls.

REF: Q22022

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