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How is your posture? Posture is an important part of everyday life that many ofus tendnot to focuson–Doyouslouch inyourdeskchair,orslumpatyour computerwhileyoudowork?Whenyoustandforprolongedperiodsof time,do younoticeyourstomachstickingoutabit?Theseareallsignsofcoremuscle weakness that can affect your posture and cause pain in your back or neck. Your core muscles help you do a lot – from sitting, to walking, to doing a large number of physical activities. If your core muscles are weak, you may unknowingly be causing some damage to your body. Contact Total Care PT today to figure out how we can help you strengthen your core muscles and improve your overall health.

Whatexactlyarethecoremuscles? Whenmostpeople thinkofcoremuscles, they immediately think of the abdominals. However, the core is made up of much more than that! In fact, your core muscles include your abdominal, lower back, pelvic, and gluteus muscles. The group of muscles that make up your core help with stabilizing your body, constructingyourposture,andallowingyourskeleton tomoveproperly.When any of the muscles within that group become weak, your body experiences an instability that makes it difficult for your body to function properly. As a result,youendupcompensatingbystrainingdifferentareasof thebody,most commonly the back and neck muscles. As a result, this leads to undesirable consequences, such as poor posture, fatigue, inflammation, or pain.

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