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JANUARY 2019 Excitement for the Future Shaped by Our Past Success

Happy New Year From Pop-A-Lock!

W e’re starting our 24th year in business, and the team at Pop- A-Lock couldn’t be more excited. 2018 was our best year ever, and we were fortunate to help a lot of people in need. From big businesses getting their factories rekeyed to helping individuals locked out of their cars, it’s been rewarding to see our presence in the community. Our impact is something we don’t take lightly, but when I reflect on this past year, there’s one accomplishment I can’t help but see as the most profound. Everything we do starts with our team, so while it’s wonderful to provide exceptional service to the Lexington and Louisville area, we couldn’t do so without great people. That’s why, when I look at

I look at our company now, and I see the best staff in its history.”

book focuses on a mailman who came to be known for his exceptional service. We want to take some of the ideas from this book and apply them to our own methods of operation. Personally, I don’t set a lot of goals, but I do have a few I look at every year. Every day I want to read for at least 30 minutes, do at least 10,000 fitbit steps, and try to purposefully encourage one person a day. It doesn’t matter who it is, but I want to meet someone wherever they are at and find a way to help them feel better about life. You don’t need to own a business or be a celebrity to make a difference. It just takes a heart to serve. I also have health goals of course, because it’s important to take care of your body, but ultimately my yearly focus comes down to learning, working, and being better at life. -Doug Barnes

the past year, I see the streamlining of our staff as one of the most significant achievements. We promoted technicians, hired new team members with advanced skills we haven’t had before, and retooled our customer service. I look at our company now, and I see the best staff in its history. This directly affects our clients, and we receive feedback constantly on our level of service. All of this success doesn’t happen overnight. It starts in a planning meeting with our general managers in which we set goals for the company for the new year. Each area of the company is given a specific focus and set of benchmarks. One of our goals for the upcoming year is to provide above-and-beyond customer service. We want to make sure we’re training our employees on how to give quality attention to the needs of our clients. We’re going to start the year by reading a book called “The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary.” The


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