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THE OASIS OF THE RESIDENCE SIMON A GENUINE FAMILY AMBIANCE : E ver since The Oasis of the Residence Simon has been administered by their present owners, Albert & Dixie Bourdeau, in July of 2005, both them and their staff have inspired the Residents to live as one great big Family. And it has pro- ven to be a great success. They accomplish this goal by getting interested in the life of each Residents; either by exchanging with them, by motivating them to help one ano- ther, by taking part in our group activities and by providing them with places to relax and reflect. The living area and the inside court has been renovated and developed respectively to encourage this Family spirit that is all so sought after by the owners and Residents of our Community. Our staff strive through seminars and conti- nuous reviews of our policies and proce- dures to offer the most professional and high quality services offered in our field. What’s more, management at our Resi- dence encourages our staff to spend some time and to exchange with our Residents; to exercise and play different activities with them; to offer advice when they are looking for solutions. And doing all of that while at the same time accomplishing their regular work. Any visitor will immediately notice that there exists a positive and harmonious ambiance at our Residence. SERVICE CULTURE: At the Oasis of the Residence Simon, every member of our staff is trainedwith and intro- duced to our policies and procedures in the daily operation of achieving our Mission and Goals. All the manuals in the world will not inspire a worker to acquire the compassion

• A calm place and only one of two Re- sidents in Eastern Ontario to have an inside court; One of very few Residents in all of On- tario to have the inside court all fini- shed with fishes in a good size pond; That has all their Residents on the first floor with an average one exit door for every four suites, providing the Resi- dents with a good feeling of security; That offers transportation to their Re- sidents for their health care so they do not have to worry about accessibility to these services; Where they live only a few steps away from the main street services such as; the pharmacy, the post office, two churches and many choices of good restaurants, only to name a few; Finally, and most importantly, that they will be served by a most profes- sional staff with positive attitude and knowledge in performing their task, that have acquired the compassion to relate to our Residents needs and wants and that have discovered the joy of serving others. Now you probably understand why we de- cided to rename our Residence. Because a modern-day Oasis is all that. We invite you to come, visit and see for yourself that THE OASIS OF THE RESIDENCE SIMON is “WHERE THE GOOD LIFE PREVAILS” PROMOTION : To mark this accomplishment, the owners, Albert & Dixie Bourdeau make a special welcome offer to every couple who will register to and move into our home before the end of the year, 2016. This offer will stand for the whole period of their stay at THE OASIS OF THE RESIDENCE SIMON. • • • • •

Residence Simon. This is when we find we have reached our Goals and accomplished our Mission. RÉNOVATIONS : It was by the end of August that the Oasis of the Residence Simon completed its major re- novations to the building, its equipment and furnishings. The street side of the roof was replaced; all carpets inpublic places left tobe replacedwere replaced. All thecorridorshave been refreshed with trimmings and paint; the living area was refurbished after a full re- novation; all four air conditioning roof units were replacedwith newones including natu- ral gas heating equipment; all compressors in the kitchen were replaced and moved to roof-top units. The electric kitchen stove was replaced with a natural gas stove. All electric water heaters were replaced by natural gas water heaters. The Signature renovation and innovation was to do a facelift to the St Jean St frontage and to turn the inside court into a resort style accommodation offering a place of leisure, relaxation and meditation in the outdoor. The vibrant life of the fishes in the pond, the birds in the trees, the background music and the layout of all 301 trees, shrubs and plants inspires the Resident to feel that this is “WHERE THE GOOD LIFE PREVAILS”. Visitors tell us that our Residence is more of a Resort Community. THE NAME : All these renovations and improvements brought the owners, Albert & Dixie, to want to convey to people looking for a Residence that when coming to live at our home, they are coming to more than a buil- ding of bricks and mortar. Our objective is to try to pass the message to the people of our region that when they would come to live with us they would have some unique benefits not found anywhere else. Here are some of those pluses;

it takes; the positive attitude necessary and the joy of serving another person; all im- portant attributes to successfully reach our Goals and accomplish the Mission we have committed to. These attributes can only be achieved by our staff through constructive exchange and learning by example. Finally, our staff are inspired to see each of our Re- sidents as a parent or a grand-parent. After all, this is what is happening; the children come to us and ask us to look after their parents or grand-parents since they are at a stage where they need attention on a 24- hour basis. We are asked to replace them. And so, acting as their children would.

This is where we, the owners come in the picture. We must make our staff aware and appreciate that it is not the Residents that come in our home to live. It is rather us staff that come to their home to serve them and do our 110 % effort to find ways through our work, to make them happy. And with persistence and dexterity staff will in time acquire this proper attitude, the compas- sion for our Residents and the joy to serve. The KFC’s, the St Hubert and all these other successful businesses develop a mantra and see that it becomes part and parcel of each member of their staff. That’s why they succeed at what they are doing. At the Oasis, we recognize the value of such an approach to reach your Mission and Goals. In the end, our visitors are our sounding board when they come to us expressing their gratitude for the fine harmony and ambiance that exists at the Oasis of the

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