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marketing company provides us with the opportunity to attend quarterly “bootcamps”. This month we had the good fortune of having January bootcamp in Orlando Florida. No, we weren’t doing pushups and jumping jacks with Mickey Mouse, at least not physically. But our brains felt like they got a good workout. Sure, there was learning about marketing, but it was so much more. The BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of Breakthrough PT Marketing is to “flip the medical funding pyramid”. Life expectancy has been steadily climbing for decades now, but in the last few years it’s taken a troubling turn in the other direction. The United States, who according to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) spends $3.3 Trillion on healthcare each year, without necessarily bettering Americans. The current North American medical funding system has the majority of monies being given first to surgery, then injections, then pharmaceuticals, all of conservative care accounts account for only 10%, and only 2% of that is being given to physiotherapy. How frustrating is it when there is abundant research that shows when people go to conservative care FIRST they avoid unnecessary medications, injections, and surgeries. Just imagine physiotherapy at the other end of that medical funding pyramid. I am realizing that the current system needs to change. We can have the perspective of a worm looking skyward and being overwhelmed by huge barriers that we have to overcome, or we can take the perspective of the bird and see clearly where we took off and where we want to land. It’s not often, as an owner of your business, that you get a chance to stop, look back at where you started, where you are now, and set goals for yourself personally, and for your practice. And even better yet, all the while being surrounded by 200 other attendees who are doing the exact same reflective and prospective process and who are eager to share their ideas and give constructive feedback. Throughout the workshops, we heard numerous thought provoking tag phrases and motivational talks. So, I end this article with phrases that resonated with me over the weekend, “Don’t be limited by your self-limiting beliefs”, “Do it and you’ll become it”, and let’s “help people in pain get back to normal naturally.” Andrew

Most physiotherapists would say they chose this profession because of an innate desire to help others. They would typically say that their main focus is helping their clients recover from an injury and, in turn, return to a healthier and happier level of physical function. Although this is a positive mindset, it alone is not always enough. In my experience, this focus alone can put marketing and practice growth often in the backseat for physiotherapy practice owners. Practice owners can easily fall into the false assumption that being a skilled physiotherapist automatically makes them an able and successful business owner. Over the last year I have learned that this is a risky mindset. An analogy I've heard is it’s not unlike a skilled pilot taking off in an airplane with absolutely no destination in mind. So, with a desire to hone our business’ trajectory, Jonathan Clay, one of my fellow owners at SOS, and I signed up with Breakthrough PT Marketing to learn more about running a successful physiotherapy business. This

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