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A new TAKe on Sustainability

The TAKe stackable, custom jars use Post- Consumer Recycled (PCR) material, that has already been used and thrown out, then recycled into TAKe jars which can be recycled again! They are extremely light weight, much lighter than glass, cutting on carbon emissions during freight. They are durable and refillable, so no single use plastics here!

Tired of being tired?

Go Vita loves … TAKe premium range of ACO-certified, bio-enhanced mushroom powders , formulated to improve health and vitality and reducing signs of ageing. Add a ¼ teaspoonful to your morning cup of tea, coffee or a smoothie to boost immunity, energy, focus and cognition, and to ease stress.

Meet the maker, TAKe founder, Nicola Waters Q+A

What inspired TAKe? “It takes experiencing something first-hand to make huge life changes, like questioning everything you eat and drink every day. So, for me, it was finding that I had coeliac disease. Around the same time, I was having to learn all about my new diet, I stumbled across some intriguing- looking mushrooms in my children’s treehouse that led me to research medicinal mushrooms and their life- changing benefits. Medicinal mushrooms helped me to combat the side effects of living with an autoimmune disease. After taking Lion’s Mane, my brain fog lifted – and regaining mental clarity while I was chasing three small children around was a game-changer. Reishi helped balance my hormones after having kids and to regrow all the hair that I lost. I could go. on …” How did you start your own brand? “After growing these mushrooms myself, I knew how labour-intensive they are to cultivate. I also learned the difference between extracts and full spectrum powders, and I wanted to create a product not just for myself,

but other people too, that delivers the mushrooms’ benefits most effectively. Following advice from the best nutritional consultants in this field, I have personally tried, tested, and analysed different mushroom supplements and I have found the best and most effective on the market. I have paired these formulas with quality natural vitamins that enhance the mushrooms’ efficacy, therefore increasing their impact on you.” How would you sum up your health philosophy? “Money spent on your health is always money well spent – I think of it as investing in your future. Plus, keeping young while maturing is the goal.


Focus Memory Skin



Premium mushroom powders enhanced with natural vitamins B + C

Taking care of yourself is not only good for you, it’s good for everyone around you!”

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ISSUE 68 • 2023

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