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As children, many people dream of being in the spotlight. Maybe they envision playing professional ball in a famous stadium, delivering a comedy routine to a sold-out crowd, or singing the blues on a late night talk show. Whatever they may be, people’s dreams tend to be bold. Then, as they grow older, they realize making a difference doesn’t always mean being in the limelight. I was one of those people. Today, I give others the ability to do the things they love, and that’s something I’ll always be proud of. Through the practice of physical therapy, I have seen my hard work pay off each day through the countless satisfied smiles of clients I’ve helped over the years.

childhood dreams run wild. It was actually sports that launched my physical therapy journey. Playing on many different teams, I was exposed to the benefits of physical therapy for athletes. I was inspired to take up the career myself after talking with friends whose athletic careers depended on the trainers who helped them. I’d always wanted to make a difference, and I realized this was my chance to help people in a meaningful way. After researching the industry in high school, I interned with an athletic trainer and went to college in Springfield to begin my studies. After I graduated, I worked with a physical therapist in Connecticut and began learning as much as I could about the

moved back home to the community I grew up in. I think of my time away from home like an educational pilgrimage, where I learned how to give back to the place that raised me. I like to think that I do just that. My highest priority is my patients. There is nothing my coworkers and I want more than to get them back to pain-free lives. Nobody should have to go through life struggling with mobility or setting aside their true passions because they can’t properly recover from an injury. Our three locations are staffed with dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to get the specialized results our patients deserve. If you’re ready to get started today, give us a call at (978) 263-0007 or visit our website at to see what we can do for you. We’re ready when you are.

"Through the practice of physical therapy, I have seen my hard work pay off each day through the countless satisfied smiles of clients I’ve helped over the years."

Growing up twenty minutes from where our office sits today, I lived the all-American life. I loved sports, particularly soccer, spending time with friends, and letting my

treatment of back pain. Together, we helped many patients get back to their lives, further affirming my love for my newfound profession. After learning all I could in Connecticut, I

– Andrew Braga


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