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4 TruckPass TM

Streamline vehicle weighing As a global leader in vehicle weighing solutions, METTLER TOLEDO is the first company to offer a legal-for-trade single draft weigh-in-motion vehicle scale: TruckPass TM . TruckPass is also the first such scale to receive an NTEP Certificate of Conformance (ref. CC 22-025). TruckPass is a dual mode scale that can operate as either a static or dynamic scale, and the scale can switch between modes automatically. This gives you the flexibility to use your scale in dynamic mode for your fleet trucks and in static mode for transient trucks. Or, use TruckPass in dynamic mode during busy times and in static mode during times of less traffic. Dynamic weighing has the potential to drastically improve your entire weighing process. METTLER TOLEDO TruckPass complies with new Handbook 44 regulations and automates your weighing process for significant time savings and throughput improvement.

Your well-rounded solution for in-motion weighing In addition to weighing vehicles in motion and capturing gross vehicle weight, TruckPass will also provide automa- tic identification of vehicles and axle/group weight information. Combine TruckPass with DataBridge TM Transaction Management software to create a complete end-to-end solution for legal-for-trade commercial transactions where trucks never need to stop. As mentioned above, key benefits of TruckPass include: • 3x higher productivity. Complete more transactions per hour when drivers don‘t have to stop at the scale. • Legal-for-trade commercial transactions. Determine vehicle gross weight in motion to legal-for-trade accuracy for regulatory compliance. • Automated processing. Reduce the workload for the scale house operator and eliminate the risk of manual er- rors in data handling.

Improve your weighing process with TruckPass, our legal-for trade weigh-in-motion solution.



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