Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


V I OL A F1 V i o l a co rnu t a Penny ™

Thoughtful growers grow Penny. • Early flowering and uniformity across a wide range of colors make Penny suited for high-density production in packs and small pots for both fall and spring. • Tightly branched and non-stretching habit under warm conditions offers longer shelf life and reduces the need for PGRs. • A multitude of flowers creates long-lasting landscape displays, and a strong root system ensures reliable overwintering performance.

DIMENSIONS 4–6” W x 4–6” H HABIT Mounded FORMS Raw, PreNova ® 2.0

Penny ™ Violet Imp.

Penny ™ Azure Dawn 70035185

Penny ™ Beaconsfield 70021035

Penny ™ Black 70059706

Penny ™ Blue 70007737

Penny ™ Clear Yellow 70021163

Penny ™ Deep Blue 70064551

Penny ™ Denim Jump-up 70035184

Penny ™ Marina 70002991

Penny ™ Marlies 70007677

Penny ™ Mickey 70021101

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