Research Report 2019_20

Richard M. Myers, PhD

“We have the capability of really changing the world with genomics, both in our work with human genomes and with organisms that are important to agriculture and the environment” — Richard M. Myers, PhD Research Focus: Richard M. Myers, PhD, is president, science director, M.A. Loya Chair in Genomics, and a faculty investigator at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. His lab applies functional genomics and genetics approaches to understand how genes and regulatory regions contribute to basic biology, human disease and responses to the environment. A major focus of his lab it on gene expression and the brain.

Richard M. Myers, PhD

EXPERTISE: Functional genomics, gene expression, cancer, neurological and psychiatric diseases

Lab Members: Senior Scientists: Michelle Amaral, PhD, Nick Cochran, PhD, Matthew Knuesel, PhD, Jacob Loupe, PhD, Mark Mackiewicz, PhD, Chris Partridge, PhD, Lindsay Rizzardi, PhD, Brian Roberts, Ivan Rodriguez Nunez, PhD, Bryan Moyers, PhD Research Associates: Laurel Brandsmeier, Rashmi Jain, Shelby Lauzon, Megan McEown, Sarah Meadows, Amy Rodgers, Kim Newberry Computational Biologist: Ashlyn Anderson, Roshan Darji Postdoctoral Fellows: Ben Henderson, PhD Graduate Assistants and Graduate Students: Brianne Rogers, Emily Ross

Devin Absher, PhD

“The epigenome sits at this interface between the genes we inherit and the environment we’re exposed to. Anything that is complex and likely has a genetic and environmental component is a candidate for epigenetic analysis.” — Devin Absher, PhD Research Focus: Devin Absher, PhD, is the Director for Genomic Health and a faculty investigator at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. His research focuses on the application of genomics to complex human diseases and traits, including genome-wide association studies and epigenetic studies.

Devin Absher, PhD

Lab Members: Senior Scientist: Jun Song, PhD Research Associates: Kevin Nguyen, Kevin Roberts, Allison Smith

EXPERTISE: Epigenomics, methylation analysis, statistical analysis, cancer, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease

Postdoctoral Fellow: Yanfeng Zhang, PhD Graduate Research Assistant: Peter Allen

2019-20 Research Report 55

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