Research Report 2019_20

Greg Barsh, MD, PhD

“How biology works is foundational for understanding how to fix things when they go wrong. I believe in the power of genetics and genomic technology to facilitate discovery at all levels, not only with disease but in basic questions about pathways and principles in biology of all animals, including humans.” — Greg Barsh, MD, PhD Research Focus: Greg Barsh, MD, PhD, is a faculty investigator, faculty chair and Smith Family Chair in Genomics at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, and a professor of genetics at Stanford University. His research group studies the genetic and evolutionary mechanisms that underlie differences in individual appear- ance and that could give new insight into both basic biology and human disease.

Greg Barsh, MD, PhD

EXPERTISE: Genetics of skin, eye, and hair color; developmen- tal and medical genetics; evolution and genetics of domestic animals

Lab Members: Senior Scientists: Gopala Battu, PhD, Chris Kaelin, PhD, Kelly McGowan, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow: Hermie Manuel, PhD

David Bick, MD

Research Focus: David Bick, MD, is the chief medical officer and a faculty investigator at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, the medical director of The Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine, LLC, and a laboratory director in the HudsonAlpha Clinical Services Laboratory, LLC. His work focuses on incorporating human genetic disease discoveries and new molecular genetics techniques into patient care.

“With genome testing, you can turn up another 25 percent of diagnoses where you had failed in the past. So take 20 kids. For five of them, you’re going to find a slam-dunk diagnosis, the answer they may have looked for years to find.” — David Bick, MD

David Bick, MD

EXPERTISE: Clinical genomic medicine, whole genome sequencing, pediatrics, genetic disor- ders, undiagnosed diseases

The Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine Members: Genetic Counselors: Kelly East, CGC, Whitley Kelley, CGC, Meagan Cochran, CGC and Veronica Greve, CGC

Operations: Carol Aiken, Tammy Dennis and Beth Coffey


HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology

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