Research Report 2019_20

Sara Cooper, PhD

Research Focus: Sara Cooper, PhD, is a faculty investigator at the Hud- sonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. Her research applies DNA sequenc- ing to measure gene expression, transcription factor binding, and DNA methylation, and mass spectrometry to characterize metabolic profiles. She is interested in using genomic technology to facilitate personalized cancer treatment. She also leads the Institute’s I nformation is Power Ini- tiative, a community outreach effort, which offers free or reduced cost genetic cancer risk screening for men and women in the North Alabama counties of Madison, Jackson, Limestone, Marshall or Morgan County. “The problems we’re trying to tackle are very personal. When I see my friends and family facing cancer, it makes me feel ever so slightly better to say I’m working on solving it. I’m proud of what I do.” — Sara Cooper, PhD Lab Members: Research Associates: Emily Gordon, PhD, Mikayla James Graduate Assistants and Graduate Students: Sara Wennersten, Carter Wright

Sara Cooper, PhD

EXPERTISE: Genomics, metabolomics, cancer and personalized cancer treatment

Jane Grimwood, PhD

Research Focus: Jane Grimwood, PhD, is a faculty investigator at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology and a co-director of the HudsonAlpha Genome Sequencing Center. She focuses on sequencing, finishing and genome improvement of a wide variety of eukaryotic genomes, including plants, fungi, and vertebrates.

“Knowing that plant genomics will have a lasting impact on the environment, energy production and improvements in food production motivates me every day.” — Jane Grimwood, PhD

Jane Grimwood, PhD

EXPERTISE: De novo genome sequencing, generation of high-quality genomic resources, genomic-enabled crop breeding, bioenergy

Lab Members: HudsonAlpha Genome Sequencing Center Senior Scientists: Jerry Jenkins, PhD, Genome Analysis Group Leader Computational Biologists: Dave Flowers, Mike Frizzell, Paul Grabowski, PhD, Adam Healey, John Lovell, PhD, Sujan Mamidi, PhD, Chris Plott, Avinash Sreedasyam, PhD, Ming Tsai, Rachel Walstead, PhD Informatics Project Manager: Lori Handley Research Associates: Lori Boston, Teresa Jones, Min Kim, Latonya Moore, Jessica Stephens, Ada Stewart, Shannon Talley, Jenell Webber, Melissa Williams


HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology

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