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August 2017

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DRAG IT THROUGHTHE GARDEN How I Promote the Firm, Chicago Style

Believe it or not, I was not born an attorney. No one is. It’s a long and sometimes arduous journey to get here. One of the things that makes my story unique is my stop as "The Hot Dog Guy."

special events. It's a fun promotion because I get to be out there meeting people face to face and having conversations, and they get the best Chicago hot dog.

Recently, the law firm gave away 210 Chicago hot dogs at Joe Walsh's annual picnic. You know Joe Walsh — former congressman and host of the nationally syndicated “Joe Walsh Show.” I advertise on Joe’s Chicago show, and he is a good friend of mine. This was the second year that our law firm gave away real Chicago hot dogs to his listeners and guests. Maybe you are asking yourself the most important question: How good are the Rock & Roll hot dogs? Well, they are the very best Chicago-style hot dogs because we use the very best Vienna beef No. 10 dogs. You’ve probably heard the expression “drag it through the garden,” meaning “load it up with everything” — mustard (no ketchup, please), relish, diced onions, sliced tomatoes, sliced pickles, sport peppers, and celery salt. Now, I’m not a hot dog snob. If you want ketchup, I will include it. You should eat the hot dog the way you like it (even my wife puts ketchup on her hot dog). As life goes on, we tend to leave things behind — everything from hobbies to friends. Maybe something that you’re looking for in life is something you lost along the way. Maybe it can help you on your journey, just like my hot dog stand still does for me. I’ll tell you about our Halloween special in another issue.

When I was working my way through college 25 years ago, I bought a hot dog stand. I was working as an iron worker at the time, and the hot dog stand was a perfect addition. I could work my own hours and be my own boss. I sold hot dogs at Clark & Ontario, right across from the Rock & Roll McDonalds in River North. I named my stand the Rock & Roll Hot Dog Stand. I sold hot dogs on the weekends from 10 at night until the bars closed, and business was pretty good. I made a killing off the late-night bar crowd. Rock & Roll hot dogs got me through college. Since I became an attorney, I don't have to sell hot dogs anymore. But I believe our past is a part of us, and if we can incorporate our past experiences into our daily work, it brings our life around full circle. That's why I use my hot dog stand to promote my activities now, 25 years later. The hot dog stand sat idle for some years. I thought of selling it, but there is no real value in a used hot dog stand. Besides, my kids and family loved the hot dog stand and the hot dogs. Then, I realized that the Rock & Roll

Hot Dog Stand would be a great way to promote the law firm.

The law firm gives away hot dogs at

– Steven Leahy

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