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E ach New Year’s people make resolutions to do better, get in shape, lose weight, get out of pain, and get healthier. At my gym, we brace for the rush of new members, knowing that by March the numbers will be back to normal. Many resolutions go unfulfilled, and most people don’t even bother to take the time to make them anymore. There’s too much confusion over what really works, and too many failures over the years can result in apathy on the subject of creating New Year’s resolutions. I think that keeping it simple and knowing what really works can cut through this lack of motivation, and help you create a lifestyle that keeps you healthy and full of energy, so you can chase your dreams. People are bombarded by an avalanche of misinformation fueled by vested interests — information such as “Cocoa Puffs are part of a nutritious breakfast.” Being blasted with so much imprecise information can unsettle anyone, and it might seem impossible to discern what is true, but it is doable. My interest is in getting and keeping you healthy, and that’s what I intend to do during 2019. My first goal is to get you out of pain. The physical stress from pain hurts and damages you over time. I work to identify the source of your problem rather than mask the pain with drugs. I continuously educate you on how a chiropractic adjustment works; why maintenance care is so important; and what the alternatives and risks are to using conventional drugs and surgery. There are lifesaving drugs and necessary surgeries, but

as a nation, we are overdrugged and have too many unnecessary surgeries.

My second goal is to address other health care problems you may have, such as digestive issues, inability to sleep, fatigue, and stress. And my third goal is to help you create and maintain a healthy lifestyle , so as you age, you’re not setting yourself up to spend the last part of your life in pain or disabled. Many people end up suffering from diabetes, heart problems, neuropathy, fatigue, and chronic pain because they didn’t lead healthy lifestyles. My aim is to steer you away from that path. So, how do you start working on a healthy New Year’s resolution? Just be willing to evaluate your lifestyle. Start by writing down what’s working and what needs improvement in two columns. For example, do you need to minimize your sugar intake, move your body more, get more sleep, or quit smoking? Do you need to get back on maintenance care? How about eating more vegetables and minimizing those starchy carbs? Is there a relationship that causes you stress that needs fixing? Is there a hobby that you’ve been meaning to start? Are you associating with friends who support you? Do you need to change jobs? What’s really important to you — what’s your dream? Be sure to acknowledge what you’re doing right. Then, look at the list of things that need improvement and pick just one area at a time to address , being careful not to overwhelm yourself. Keep it simple by setting small targets that you can achieve, and pat yourself on the back for each goal you attain while forgiving

yourself for the temporary failures that occur. Remember this Confucius quote: “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fall.” As always, I’m here to partner with you to create a better 2019. Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year!

In knowledge and health,

–Dr. Paul Braadt

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