2022 Festool USA Product Catalog (English)

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The connectors allow for straight and precise cuts with two or more connected guide rails.

Guide Rail Accessories


$45.00 577039

Self-aligning function for connecting two FS Guide Rails for long workpieces so that the rails are straight. With 2 adjustable set screws per end for a secure connection. Connectors (2 pieces)

Transport and store rails up to 1,400 mm. Bag can store 2 rails up to 1,400 mm. This is the most ideal way to transport rails, featuring two cloth strap handles and a shoulder strap. Bag

$115.00 466357

Adhesive-backed Splinterguard to maintain splinter-free cut quality. Splinterguard material is semi-transparent for better visibility of the cut line and is quick and easy to replace. Splinter guard FS-SP 1400/T (55”) $25.00 495207

$47.00 495209 $30.00 485724

FS-SP 5000/T (197”)

Non-slip adhesive strips to maintain the self-clamping feature of the Guide Rails, in 32.8’ (10 m) roll. Non-Skid Strip

$41.00 491741

Adhesive PTE plastic glide strip for FS/2 Guide Rails, in 32.8’ (10 m) roll. Green in color and slightly crowned to reduce drag for smooth and easy cuts. Glide Strip

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