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As a young business owner, I quickly learned that doing the right thing for the company and for our customers was often costly in the short term, but very rewarding in the long term. At the beginning of my career, that was a hard pill to swallow. I wanted to make money, and correcting mistakes often affected our bottom line. However, doing the right thing has always panned out well for the company.

the situation right, we made a once-angry customer one of our most loyal buyers and referral sources.

We pride ourselves in having a strong, durable dry frame in our machines. We understand that our customers rely on these machines and cannot afford a failure, so we invest in strong

materials. This drives up cost, but it also gives us confidence in our five-year warranty. About 12 years ago, one of our customers ran our machine, and it fell apart. We immediately shipped new parts to replace the dry frame, but the machine fell apart again when he tried to use the new parts. On the third try, the machine worked like it was supposed to, but the whole situation cost me around $8,000. In order to avoid this happening again, we completely changed our quality control procedures, and we also changed part vendors. At the beginning, this cost us money, time, and effort, and it was very frustrating, but it was the right thing to do, and now we have 100 percent confidence in our dry frames.

“The only reason we’ve been able to offer the best of the best is because we’ve done the right things along the way. ”

We have been buildingmachines for 20 years now. We were the first major business to bring high- caliber tent washing machines to the market, and we have always offered a guaranteed five-year warranty on our machines. The only reason we’ve been able to offer the best of the best is because we’ve done the right things along the way. Don’t get me wrong; we’ve stubbed our toes plenty of times, but we learned from our mistakes, and through those experiences, we have found our best customers. When you use a washing machine, it fills up with water, adds soap, and your tent gets washed. Then the machine drains and fills with clean

water to rinse. Before we started building washing machines, we researched the most beneficial way to clean tents. We found that rinsing with cold water damages tent material, so from the very beginning, we insisted on rinsing with warm water. When I wrote the instructions for the machines, I thought I had made it perfectly clear that users should always rinse with warm water. However, after a new customer purchased one of our machines, he called me up, and boy was he livid. He had just washed a brand-new tent top with our machine, and it had come out completely destroyed. When he read my instructions back to me, I realized that my wording was unclear and I could see why he thought it was okay to rinse with cold water. We spent a lot of money to replace that tent top and fixed the washing machine instructions. By making

These are two small examples, but after 20 years of evolution, trial, and error, I’ve learned that anyone who wants to be successful in business should always do the right thing. At the beginning, this can cost you a lot of money, time, and energy, but in the end, it always pays off. We have learned how to provide the best products and services to our customers, and we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard. We don’t settle for less than the best, and we believe our customers shouldn’t have to, either. If we’d never corrected our mistakes, it would have cost me my business. Doing the right thing may seem difficult at first, but I promise you it’s always worth it.

–Steve Arendt

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