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March 2018


So far, 2018 has been a year of hands-on, complicated projects. While I’m always working to drive my firm forward and provide the best service ever to my clients, lately it’s felt like nearly every moment outside the office has been spent hard at work, too. That’s because for the last couple months, I’ve been helping my daughter (and fellow Law Office of Patrick Silva attorney) Megan tear up and remodel her new home. First came installing new tile floors, then pulling the wood paneling from the walls and texturing and painting them. I could complain about the way these projects never seem to end, but honestly, I’ve enjoyed pretty much every minute of them. This latest task started with the peeling of two different layers of ugly wood paneling from the walls. Then, to fit them in the trash, we had to chop them all up, carefully avoiding the nails poking out from nearly every surface, and stuff them in the bins. After we’d done that, and the newly painted and textured walls were finally looking good, we looked around and noticed another thing that was still imperfect: these two little pony walls in her entryway. We decided we could install two three- foot-wide walls instead to set up a dining room alcove that would really tie the room together.

After the walls were all taken down, it was time to rebuild. We cut out a piece of the floor, leaving a space for the new frame we were going to build. We used eight pieces of some two-by-fours, four sheets of drywall, and some good old work with a couple hammers and some nails to set the foundation. Then we fixed everything with a joint compound, aka “mud,” and finished the walls the same way we had before. In the end, Megan and I basked in the new kitchen alcove, proud of the work we’d done. As we’ve been running through all these projects, she’s been getting more and more handy by the day. In fact, she’s already done more work on her house in a couple months than most people do in a lifetime. I guess in that respect, she’s a chip off the old block. Even though I’ve been right there beside her throughout this process, I’m proud of the work she’s been putting in. So far, she’s the ideal homeowner, taking control of her space and putting in the time needed in order to really make it shine. But even when the alcove was squared away, we weren’t done. We still had a huge number of tiles to lay. The work may never end, but hopefully, the satisfaction of making something with our own hands doesn’t wear off either.

So, just a few days after our previous project, we got to work knocking down the pony walls. I say “knocking down,” but it was actually a delicate process. You need to control the destruction very carefully, ensuring that you don’t damage anything besides what you’re breaking down, which would have just created an entire additional task on top of the already substantial changes we were making.

–Patrick Silva

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