C+S September 2021 Vol. 7 Issue 9 (web)

Upcoming Webinar SOLVING ALL THE RIGHT PROBLEMS September 23, 2021

Talk/demo/Q&A with Replica CEO Nick Bowden

It’s never been more important for cities to have accurate, reliable data that reects the full complexity of the built environment. The right data can better equip you to help your clients plan for a post-COVID transit recovery, design transportation networks that connect people to opportunity, determine the equity impacts of large-scale projects, and discover who’s most likely to trade car trips for walking and biking. These are just some of the ways Replica data has been utilized by architecture, engineering, and consulting partners, nationwide. Join CEO Nick Bowden on September 23rd to learn how the Replica platform has helped engineering rms and their public sector clients solve the built environment’s most complex problems.

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