C+S September 2021 Vol. 7 Issue 9 (web)

Over the past year, Saudi Arabia has taken monumental steps to over - haul the nation’s real estate market. The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 initia - tive is central to this plan, as it challenges the industry to jumpstart the economy, accelerate the nation’s commitment to sustainability, and construct a million new homes. The Vision 2030 initiative requires ar - chitects and engineers to develop creative solutions to frame the future of Saudi Arabia in a short time period. In order to meet the moment, architects, engineers, and construction professionals will have to work in tandem to be more efficient and within budget. As the architecture and construction industries in Saudi Arabia prepare themselves for the increase in projects, firms with experience in work - ing in growing markets are being called upon. One architecture firm that has vast experience in delivering high-quality projects in a short time frame is Dewan, a team that has been integral to Dubai’s growth over the last 30 years. The firm’s success can be credited to its corpo - rate structure; like many architecture firms it is equipped with various departments that are specialized and ready to handle unique situations. As one of the most important departments, post-contract ensures build - ings are constructed on time and on budget. As someone with over 30 years experience in the AEC industry, I know that the post-contract department will play a critical role in fulfilling Saudi Arabia's goal of one million new homes by 2030. The proposed work in Saudi Arabia will test our expertise and also prepare us for future work in regions experiencing population growth. What is a Post-Contract Department? Post-contract departments are what bridge the architecture and design teams with the construction group building a project. At Dewan, the post-contract department is in constant communication with all of the construction sites throughout the Middle East. We spend a portion of our day talking with supervisors and project managers to walk through their daily tasks and any challenges they are facing throughout the con - struction process. If necessary, we will even travel to job sites to check on the status of a project, ensuring all is going smoothly. Visiting construction sites is one of the most important aspects of working in my role. Because developers and stakeholders heavily invest in their developments, they rightfully expect the highest quality from the finished product. My team must be sticklers for quality and respect the construction process. The post-contract department uses new technology to look for mistakes that the human eye may overlook before the construction process is completed. Finding a mistake after a tenant moves in isn’t only a costly error to fix, but it affects the trust developers have in the engineering firm they partnered with. Post-Contract Departments will Play a Critical Role in Saudi Arabia’s Growth By Thyer Al Kubaisi


september 2021


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