C+S September 2021 Vol. 7 Issue 9 (web)

simple design strategies like an added ceiling for acoustic mitigation. Either the ceiling could not be included, had to be filled, or required extra time and costs to allow all systems to be exposed. The forthcom - ing provisions allow concealed spaces if the building is sprinklered throughout, if the concealed space uses noncombustible insulation, or if surfaces within the concealed space are lined with gypsum wall board. This gives the design team greater design flexibility when ceil - ings are desired. This option is now possible for Type IV categories as long as one or two layers of gypsum wall board are used, depending on the construction type. Conclusion These new, clearly delineated code requirements for mass timber build - ings will allow stakeholders to access the benefits in cost, schedule, and sustainability that are usually reserved for concrete and steel buildings. The code will have the most significant implications for dense mid-rise and high-rise projects like multi-unit housing and will marry economy and beauty in mass timber construction.

ANDERS CARPENTER AND SARAH KNIZE are Senior Project Managers at Perkins & Will.



september 2021

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