C+S September 2021 Vol. 7 Issue 9 (web)



THE COVER New Facility Provides Opportunity for Students and Researchers at the University of Arkansas – story on page 10

CHANNELS ENVIRONMENTAL + SUSTAINABILTY 12 Making Construction and Demolition Waste Work Towards a Sustainable Future 13 Green Infrastructure & Low-Impact Development Solutions Using 3D Cellular Confinement STRUCTURES + BUILDINGS 15 Fit to Fly: New Air Force Fitness Center 18 Modular in Modern Times 19 When Cranes Fly 21 Post-Contract Departments will Play a Critical Role in Saudi Arabia’s Growth 23 Working From Here: Delivering Acoustic Sanity in Multi- Family and Mixed Use Buildings in the Post-COVID Era 24 Code Changes Advance Mass Timber Across California 27 Lightweight Cellular Concrete for MSE wall backfill in Hawaii 28 Adjacent Construction Projects - Methodology for Allowable Support of Excavation Movement 35 Digitization: Bringing Systems Thinking to Infrastructure Projects 37 Everything’s Bigger in Texas: A P3 Mega Roadway Project Comes to Life on an Accelerated Timeline WATER + STORMWATER 39 Passive Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems Offer High Performance and Low Operation and Maintenance Costs for Large Projects 42 Lifting a Community, a Holistic Approach BUSINESS NEWS 44 Inside A ‘Land Exhibit’ 45 Are Small Daily Losses Eating Up Your Budget? How the Most Competitive Teams are Controlling Costs 47 Women Leaders Paving the Way in the Northern Pacific SOFTWARE + TECHNOLOGY 48 Modular Data Analytics and Reporting in Facility Management - Five Modules 51 Smart, Predictive Data is Driving the Future of the AEC Industry SURVEYING 53 Alaskan Cruise 54 The Threat from Below 56 The Future of Land Surveying TRANSPORTATION + INFRASTRUCTURE 32 Reimagine the Future of Transportation departments 8 Events 44 Reader Index Columns 5 From the Publisher: Making your AEC firm known Chad Clinehens 6 Engineering Front Line: Now is the Time to Invest in Our Workforce Jamie Claire Kiser




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