C+S September 2021 Vol. 7 Issue 9 (web)

“We were drawn to a single source of truth for all data and informa - tion, without the need for APIs, connectors or imports, as well as quite a bit of cost savings too,” said Precision accounting specialist, Juliana Ferrara. Hatzel & Buehler also moved to a connected cloud environment with Trimble Viewpoint. Hatzel & Buehler is an electrical contractor with projects located throughout the Northeast United States. Lorraine Stevens, the company’s financial systems manager, cited the need for greater efficiency as the reason for adopting a predictive analytical ap - proach to operations. She notes, “We were using Excel for an awful lot of things, which meant that management didn’t have access to that information. Our billing was completely done in Excel.” The company moved to the cloud, to achieve a single source of data truth, allowing the company to self-serve its data needs, including deep-dives into projects and predictive data analysis. “The ability to drill into information and get a 30,000-foot view all the way down to details as specific as an image of the invoice that was entered is invaluable to us,” said Colleen Ward, business analyst for Hatzel & Buehler.

The powerful combination of data, technology and process automa - tion has revolutionized the construction industry, and it continues to evolve. The ability of today’s construction connected software suites to consume, analyze and make smart use of data to share with project stakeholders is giving contractors the tools they need to properly scale their operations and better plan for future work.

ANNE HUNT is Director of Data and Analytics for Viewpoint. She leads the incubation and innovation of new data first services to revolutionize Viewpoint’s customers and the construction industry at large. Previously, Anne worked in the Trimble Transportation vertical where she led analytics initiatives and applied statistical theories of collecting, analyzing and interpreting quantitative data using tools such as python and Tableau. Anne has a master’s degree in Analytics from Villanova University.



september 2021

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