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And then there were the visual positioning capabilities of the GS18 I. “It really speeds up the collection work,” Ackerman says. “I once did a lot of ALTAs in Los Angeles, where we had to show the locations of the utility boxes. We had to put a rag tape down and do station and offset to all of them, which was time con- suming. Now we can walk with the GS18 I and just capture the utility boxes as we’re walking. We can capture details like trees. If we’re doing a landscape survey and there are rock walls and other features, we can easily capture those for the landscape architect. And having all the data in the images is great for QA/ QC.” Ackerman moved forward on the investment and immediately saw the benefits. “We were pretty much using it out of the box right away,” he says. “The whole package together is really ef- ficient. It’s fast to set up and easy to use, and it’s a powerful platform.” Innovation Changes Client Expectations Gromatici Land Surveying handles a diverse array of projects,

Laser scanning with a scanning total station has enabled Gromatici Land Surveying to expand its services. The image above, captured with a Leica MultiStation , shows a scan of a sea cave to monitor the erosion after a year of sea wave action.

from ALTA/NSPS surveys and elevation/flood certificates, to right-of-way engineering and topographic surveys for transportation and infrastructure and cell tower surveys; from large construction staking projects to small landscaping surveys. Having the right tool for each project is imperative. Sometimes the right combination of tools makes all the difference. Since Infinity software handles drone data along with other sensor data, the firm has found a niche using both their GS18 I and drone to quickly capture comprehensive ground-level and aerial data and imagery. The approach saves time and generates impressive deliverables. Watch how to fill in under tree canopy with a drone survey >

On other projects, the GS18 I enables the company to quickly capture imagery and measurements where they can’t use a drone—for ex- ample, due to flight restrictions or tree cover.

Ackerman’s innovative approach has transformed clients’ expectations of land surveying. The first thing they notice when they work with Gro- matici Land Surveying is the service—calls are either answered imme- diately or returned right away. The next thing they notice is how quickly the surveyors get started on their project and how fast they begin work- ing when they arrive onsite, with no downtime for setup. And they’re finished just as quickly—not only with the field work, but with the com- plete turnaround on deliverables that typically exceed expectations. “Our crew chief said we need to raise our rates because we’re so much faster now,” Ackerman laughs. Then he pauses as he thinks back on his first 11 years in business. “I want to leave a legacy,”he says. “When future surveyors see Gromatici on a tag, they’ll know it's quality work and they can trust what they’re retracing. But the service aspect is also key. As a small business, we’re able to provide big busi- ness customer service. That’s extremely gratifying.” Note: This article was originally published on Pure Surveying Insights. For more stories on how technology improves surveying efficiency and quality, visit https://pure-surveying.com/insights. To learn more about solutions to maximize your surveying potential, get in touch with a surveying and engineering expert at Leica Geosystems. Gromatici has found a niche using both their GS18 I and drone to quickly capture comprehensive ground-level and aerial data and imagery. The data is easily handled in Infinity software . The approach saves time and generates impressive deliverables.


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