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JUNE 2020

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The Comfort of 4-Legged Friends MEET UGA X, KEVIN’S FAVORITE DOG!

Do you have any pets at home? In these last few months of social distancing, one of my favorite things has been seeing the comfort and entertainment people’s pets have brought them. I don’t have pets of my own, unfortunately, but I’ve always loved dogs. To make up for not having a dog, I spent as much time with my friends’ dogs as I could. My high school friend had two Labs, Sonny and Duke, and when we spent time at his house, they’d always jump in the pool with us and splash around. Then, when I was in Athens studying for the bar exam, my roommate had a dog named Lyla, and I’d sometimes offer to take her out for a jog after a long day of studying. For the last few months, I’ve kept up something similar by checking out all of the photos and videos of my friends’ pups they’re sharing online. There is also one other dog that stands out from the pack: Uga X, the University of Georgia’s current mascot. Since 1892, the University of Georgia has had a four-legged mascot to bring good luck to its football games. For the very first game, that mascot was a goat (we don’t like to talk about that), but in 1894, a bull terrier named Trilby took the slot and inspired the sports team’s moniker. Legend has it Trilby started coming to football practice with her owner when the season started, and she regularly ran drills with the team. As the story goes in old newspaper clippings, one day

Trilby didn’t appear as usual, and after a frantic search, her owner eventually found her — with 13 puppies! As soon as they were old enough, the entire baker's dozen started trailing their mother down the football field, and it wasn’t before long until the team dressed them up with black and red ribbons and called itself the Bulldogs. The rest is history: With only a few gaps, the University of Georgia has had a bulldog on the field for every football game since! Since the 1950s, the mascots have all been white English bulldogs, and they’ve all been named Uga. Uga I, who started the tradition, was nicknamed “Hood’s Ole Dan,” and he appeared for the first time on the sidelines in a handmade jersey on Dec. 2, 1955. In the years since then, nine more Ugas have placed their paws where Hood’s Ole Dan stood, including Uga IV, or “Seiler’s Uga Four,” who oversaw nine bowl games, attended the Heisman Banquet, and was named Dog of the Decade by head football coach Vince Dooley. Another notable Uga was Uga VI, or “Uga V’s Watchagot Loran,” who presided over a record 114 games and in 2007 became the winningest mascot in school history. Today’s Uga is nicknamed “Que,” and he has reigned supreme since 2015. With his red spiked collar, stout shoulders, big smile, and impeccable red jersey, it’s no wonder every UGA football fan loves him! I’m certainly one of the many.

Until I finally get a dog of my own, I’d love to see photos of your pets. Usually, when I solicit calls from my clients, I’m asking about an accident or other misfortune, but I think right now we could all use some good news.

Sincerely Yours,

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