Our mission is to promote the tiny house as a viable, formally acceptable dwelling option for a wide variety of people. ADVOCATES American Tiny House Association of San Diego

San Diego Chapter

Tiny Homes are not just cute mini homes; they hold a viable solution to many issues that our nation is faced with. They provide a path forward to an improved quality-of-life that is economically inviting, environmentally sustainable while bringing back a sense of community to a lonely and dissatisfied world.

What can tiny homes do for your community or those you serve?

Y.I.M.B.Y to… Movable Tiny Homes! Utilizing What We Already Have Backyard ADU Ordinance The push for affordable housing solutions has opened the door to California backyards. The American Tiny House Association of San Diego is taking a stand to proclaim, Yes-In-My-Backyard with Movable Tiny Homes.

Movable Tiny Homes

• Make-sense affordable housing option • Built like a home but on wheels • Everything needed for daily living • Bedrooms, full kitchens, and bathrooms. • Up to 400 sq. Ft. ( studio, 1 & 2 bedrooms ) • Can be customized to match primary dwelling • Another ADU type


Movable Tiny Homes are not Conventional RV’s with motors or Trailers

A Movable Tiny House shall comply with requirements of detached ADU’s.

Make-sense Ordinance ü New Housing type under existing ADU ordinance. ü Must comply with existing requirements of ADU ordinance. ü Must follow National Fire Protection Association 1192 standard or American National Standards Institute 119.5 standard relating to health, fire, and life safety. ü Must be certified by a qualified third-party inspector for NFPA/ANSI compliance. ü Wheels, axles, tongue and hitch shall be hidden from view. (Skirting) ü Shall be connected to water, sewer, and electric utilities ü The wheels and leveling or support jack must sit on a paved surface ü Additional design restrictions per municipality

(To maintain the character of residential areas, a Movable Tiny House shall be designed to look like a conventional residential structure rather than a recreational vehicle.)

Other tiny friendly jurisdictions

San Jose (3 rd largest city in California) to approve ADU ordinance


ü Is San Diego next?

San Diego City Council unanimously approved July, 21 ,2020 !

ü Fresno- approved ordinance in May 2016 ü San Luis Obispo- approved ordinance in March 2019 ü Humboldt County approved in their Housing element in Aug 2019 ü Los Angeles approved Dec. 2019 ü Santa Clara approves March 2020

Next up… Tiny Home Communities

We cannot do this alone! Join us in the Tiny Home Movement. Contact us: Genny Crane Chair – American Tiny House Association of San Diego 619-855-0555 Email: Ellen Stone Co Founder – American Tiny House Association of San Diego 619-616-0079 Email:


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