Housing Choices Tasmania - Home Stories Spring 2017

Spring homekeeping tips

Prevent Bugs As the weather warms, insects return in search of food. Don’t put out the welcome mat. Instead, make sure all dry goods are stored in airtight containers. Wash your pet’s dishes as soon as they finish meals. Check seals on trash receptacles and wash all containers and bottles before recycling. To avoid a household of unwanted guests who come looking for food and water, make a non-toxic, homemade repellent: Pour equal amounts of water and white vinegar into a spray bottle, and shake to mix. Then spritz the solution in water-resistant areas where ants are common, such as kitchen floors or the crevices in painted baseboards from which the pests often enter. You can also use the repellent outside, spraying patios, porches, and picnic tables before family and friends gather. Eliminate Clutter Where You Can Freshen up your rooms by removing unnecessary objects from tabletops and shelves, storing them. Start by printing or writing “Toss” “Give” on separate pieces of paper. Tape each sign to a large box. Toss items that are broken, stained, ripped, outdated or have missing parts. Some examples include: Give or donate any items that you no longer need but that are still in good condition. If you can’t let go of a sentimental piece, snap a photo of it to help free your attachment. Once you go through the clutter in your home, throw away everything in the “Toss” bin and donate items in the “Give” bin. Clutter can build right back up before you know it. Repeat these steps every season to keep your home clutter free. Line-Dry Laundry Now that the warmer weather is on its way, cut down on your energy bills by drying bedding and clothing outdoors. It will smell fresher and your whites will brighten in the sun. Soften still-damp towels in the dryer. 1. Expired food 2. Broken electronics, appliances and games 3. Old makeup and broken jewellery 4. Broken kids’ toys 5. Old craft supplies 6. Worn clothing and linens

Next Step for Anti-Poverty Image: Lisa, Fran, Kim, Crystel and Lauren at the pop-up op-shop event held on at East Devonport Community House. In October, as part of Anti- Poverty Week, we took some time to reflect on the causes and solutions to the issue of poverty in our community. To do our part to raise awareness, we held a ‘Pop-up Op-shop’ at East Devonport Community House. A joint project of the East Devonport Community House and Housing Choices Tasmania, with support from Housing Connect, the op-shop was a chance to convey a message to the community that poverty isn’t just about money. Kathryn Robinson, our Community Development Officer, explained the op- shop idea had been driven by the Next Step participants. “They care so much about the community of East Devonport,” she said about the group. Next Step focuses on and encourages taking the next step, whatever that may look like for the individual. State Manager Kim said the op-shop event was just one initiative of many happening around the state. “This year our [Housing Choices] overarching focus is on two key areas - housing and the impact of poverty on young people in our community,” she said, explaining that the important message was poverty isn’t just about money. “Money is obviously a major factor, but we also know there are many faces of poverty around the world and in our own backyards.” Activities at the pop-up included door prizes, a free sausage sizzle and the sharing of stories throughout the day. All funds raised will go to inclusive events held for the local community.

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