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September 2018

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Say Hello to Liam! B ack in February, I wrote about an upcoming addition to the Stretch Physical Therapy family: our tech and fall prevention coordinator Britney Whelan’s new baby. And this month, I’m excited to announce that on July 5, baby Liam came into this world, safe and sound! Clocking in at 7 pounds, 7 ounces and 20.5 inches at birth, he’s been the subject of a lot of buzz around the Stretch clinic over the past couple of months. Britney Whelan’ s New Baby

For a long time, the expectation was that Liam would arrive early, in June, so by early July, Britney was full of anticipation for the big event. Though she was initially gunning for him to be born on July 4, her mother’s birthday, she told us that the day before the actual birth, she somehow predicted, “I’m going to have this baby tomorrow.” Lo and behold, she was right! We all made guesses about his weight, and one of our new PTs, L.B. O’Lannerghty, guessed almost dead-on — only a single ounce off his actual weight and exactly correct on the 20.5 inches. Britney is just coming back from maternity leave this month, and we’re finally all getting a chance to see the little bundle of joy. Ever since he came into this world, Britney’s been all smiles. “It feels absolutely amazing having my first child,” she says. “He is such a blessing in my life, and I couldn’t be happier!” Of course, it’s been a challenge settling into this “new normal,” as she puts it. She’s been “learning how to get through each day that is so different than [her] life before him,” and she’s thrilled to know that she “gets to be his mother for the rest of [her] life.” He’s still in his first couple of months, so she doesn’t have many funny stories to share with us yet, but apparently, he’s just beginning to show his personality. “We are seeing lots of smiles these days!” she says. “And he sleeps just like his dad — with his mouth wide open and arms above his head.” Every day is a new adventure, a new set of discoveries as she watches Liam grow and learn. Every parent knows that feeling of watching an infant become a fully-fledged person right before your eyes, putting together concepts and ideas in real-time.

Personally, I couldn’t be prouder of Britney. She’s been working alongside the team for almost four years now, and, in many ways, has become almost like another daughter to me. I’m so excited to see her step into this new phase of life, and wish her and her growing family all the joy in the world.

–Kim Nartker



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