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The 50-Yard Challenge


One Lawn at a Time Helping Bring People Together

Today, there is a divide between younger and older generations, but one man is trying to bridge that gap by encouraging boys and girls to give back to their community. In 2016, Rodney A. Smith Jr. saw an elderly man struggling to mow his lawn and decided to finish the job for him. It inspired him to start a movement for children aged 7–17 to give back to their communities by taking on the 50-yard challenge. Kids contribute by mowing lawns for single parents, veterans, seniors, and people who have disabilities. Once they reach their goal, kids will receive T-shirts, a brand-new

At first, the 50-yard challenge took place locally in Alabama. But in the last few years, kids across the U.S. have begun participating. “Right now, we have over 2,400 kids nationwide taking part in our challenge. We also have kids in eight other countries taking part as well,” Smith Jr. says. This challenge teaches children the value of giving back to their communities, but it also encourages them to learn skills in lawn service — which not a lot of young adults know how to do. It also helps them interact with others who they wouldn’t typically talk with. “[Unity and interaction] is important in this day and age. A lot of elderly people are stuck at home, and they don’t get to have a lot of human interaction. So when kids come by, they can talk, get to know each other, and build relationships. They can learn things from each other,” Smith Jr. says. Are you and your kids up for the 50-yard challenge? Send a picture of your child holding a sign that says, “I Accept The 50 Yard Challenge” to to join. If you’re looking for someone to tend to your yard, you can use the form on to search for kids who are mowing lawns in your area.

mower, a weed eater, and a leaf blower. Smith Jr. will also come out to your community and help you with your lawn care services.


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