19th Avenue PLAT Study

Potential Development Form The Waterset DRI includes entitlements for 197,800 square feet of office or retail, 88,900 square feet of office, 589 single family attached units, and 750 multi-family units. The South Shore Corporate Park DRI includes remaining entitlements for 2,500,000 square feet of light industrial, 550,000 square feet of office, 239 single family units, and 772 multi-family units. Situated midway between the Waterset Town Center, Ruskin Town Center, and Sun City Center, this mix of uses is appropriate for a connected suburban development pattern in which residents will have opportunities for employment, recreation, and shopping within a short distance. The existing entitlements and a lack of connectivity to roads outside of the Waterset/Ruskin/Sun City markets limit the scale of the center to community, rather than regional. The potential future development of the Waterset and South Shore Corporate Park DRIs includes complementary development programs. In order to encourage future coordinated development within this node and to promote pedestrian and bicycle permeability across 19 th Avenue, this future connected suburban development should be oriented toward 30 th Street. The Waterset Development of Regional Impact anticipates access from the mixed-use center to 19 th Avenue east of 30 th Street. This access should be built as a connected suburban road rather than a driveway in order to enhance pedestrian and bicycle circulation and minimize driveway connections to 19 th Avenue. The Land Development Code will require new development to access via the collector road rather than the arterial road. It will not, however, require building orientation toward 30 th Street. With appropriate building placement and street design, 30 th Street can provide safe and comfortable pedestrian access between the two parts of the node. With land uses in place that may necessitate revision to transit routes and schedules, provisions for enhanced transit access should also be considered. Connected suburban Land Development Code amendments, discussed on page 4 will further this strategy. The current Land Development Code delivers a modern suburban pattern. Revisions to Access Management Regulations and Subdivision Regulations will be necessary to create a connected suburban default development pattern. Revisions should concentrate on building placement and orientation coupled with street design and spacing to deliver a connected suburban pattern. Street design must support lower speeds to improve safety and comfort for pedestrians and bicyclists. With the future proximity of residents, employment, and shopping, transportation infrastructure in this node must include multimodal options that allow movement from home to shopping and work without reliance on the regional road network. Connectivity limitations caused by the approach to the Interstate 75 overpass along with a need to support more regional traffic movement with four lanes will limit the ability to create pedestrian and bicycle permeability between the more residential and shopping oriented mix of uses north of 19 th Avenue and the more employment focused mix of uses on the south. Destinations south of 19 th Avenue also include the Amazon Distribution Center, Lennard High School, and the Hillsborough Community College South Shore Campus. An access management analysis report was completed for the South Shore Corporate Park DRI in 2018. The findings of the report support the expansion of capacity of 19 th Avenue in the vicinity of the South Shore Corporate Park (from 24 th Street to 30 th Street). The report determined that additional improvements at the intersections of 24 th Street and 30 th Street were required to allow the intersections to operate at LOS D with future traffic volumes. Based on this

Hillsborough County | 19 th Avenue PLAT Study | June 2020

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