19th Avenue PLAT Study

analysis, the following improvements are recommended at each of the intersections at 24 th Street and 30 th Street: • Signalize

• Add Eastbound through lane • Add Westbound through lane • Add Eastbound left turn lane • Add Southbound left turn lane • Add Southbound through/right lane

• Add Northbound through lane (30 th Street SE only) • Add Southbound through lane (30 th Street SE only) Improvements for 19 th Avenue at 24 th Street NE as well as at 30 th Street SE are illustrated in Figure 20 below.

Figure20: 24 th StreetNE&30 th Street SE Improvements The roadway cross section should incorporate viable non-motorized passage between the destinations on the south side of the road and the residents on the north side. The South Coast Greenway Trail will connect north from 19 th Avenue along the four-lane continuation of 30 th Street, eventually connecting north to Big Bend Road. This linkage to the overall trail network will provide the viable connections among the residential, recreational, community, and cultural uses on either side of the road. The cross section should take advantage of the Greenway’s crossing of 19 th Avenue, to move the South Coast Greenway Trail from the south to the north side of the road to connect bicyclists and pedestrians to the overall trail network and to the connected suburban destinations to the north and south. This will also facilitate connections among the neighborhoods and civic center further east. South Shore Corporate Park stakeholders support a multi-purpose trail connection if future multi-modal design along 19 th Avenue incorporates safe and effective north-south pedestrian connections at the intersection of 19 th Avenue and 30 th Street.

Hillsborough County | 19 th Avenue PLAT Study | June 2020

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