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Interaction 2019 Colorado NARO Submitted by Evelyn Kastner week. It also gave me the opportunity to introduce our organization to NALTA’s vendors, as many were not acquainted with NADOA. I would estimate that we should gain one or two new vendors in 2020 that expressed interest in attending our next annual event. I’m Evelyn Kastner, a Senior Division Order Analyst at HighPoint Resources. Recently, I had the privilege of speaking at the 2019 Colorado NARO conference. I shared what a Division Order Analyst is responsible for and how we relate to Mineral owners. It was a bit 2019 NALTA Conference Submitted by Sandi Rupprecht This year’s NALTA conference was a huge success. It was held August 28-30 at the Westin Hotel in Westminster, Colorado, featuring spectacular views and perfect seasonal weather. Since it was in my own backyard, I was asked to represent NADOA at our vendor booth. I met new people, saw many familiar faces and even ran into a few long-time friends. Many of NALTA’s vendors were attending Institute, giving me a chance to interact with them about our conference coming the following Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (OERB) marked 25 years of cleaning up abandoned oil and gas sites in June of this year. OERB was founded in 1993 at the request of the Oklahoma Oil and Gas Industry and is funded by a voluntary 0.1% assessment on the sale of oil and gas. During its history as an agency, the OERB has restored more than 17,000 orphaned or abandoned well sites, expending about $120 million for the cleanup. The cleanup process usually takes about 18 months from the time the landowner contacts the agency until the project is completed. The OERB estimates there may still be 20,000 to 40,000 sites left in the state that could require cleanup. The projects can vary from small jobs like breaking up concrete pads to restoration of areas that have salt scars. Report

The practice of discharging produced water onto the surface of the ground creates large areas where vegetation can no longer grow. Due to the difficulty of treating the scarring to facilitate growth of vegetation, the agency often builds ponds in these areas. The ponds help to slow the erosion caused by the scarring and enable a return of vegetation growth and the reestablishment of wildlife in the area. The OERB also sponsors a number of educational efforts. It provides the public with general information and is a resource for teachers to help educate students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Additionally, there is an associate degree program with scholarship opportunities for persons who wish to become land techs. Learn more at the official website, OERB.com.

As a vendor, you have the benefit of greeting everyone who visits the vendor table, much like we do at Institute. It was surprising to hear that some NALTA attendees had never heard of NADOA. I answered a lot of questions and found that attendees were interested in learning more about 2020 Institute. Given our activities on social media and advertising in NALTA’s newsmagazine, I was surprised to hear such a number of people asking “what does NADOA do?” As an organization, we can improve on our active promotion of NADOA and the benefits of membership. With so many lease analysts unaware of NADOA, how many more Division Order Analysts and companies are also unaware? Interaction is a job we can all do!

intimidating at first but it got easier as I considered how much the public can benefit from being better informed on how the oil and gas industry contributes to our everyday lives. The presentation included the process of setting up


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