2019 Q3

wells with different types of interests, how these relate to the Division of Interest decks, and how receiving a Division Order is a good thing, as it becomes evidence of successful production creating income for the owner. Mineral owners learned about suspense and common title issues that can keep revenue in suspense. This included probate issues and real property conveyances required in Colorado, and that requirements can differ from state to state. Discussion included the regulations that the Oil and Gas industry follows in order to complete a well and how the industry is held accountable. Questions asked by more savvy oil and gas owners were answered to fill in the gaps of knowledge. We covered that the executed Division Order does not typically modify or supersede the terms of

the Oil and Gas lease. If an owner can’t be located and all search avenues have been exhausted, the Company must send any revenue suspense in accordance with Unclaimed Property laws for the state of the last known address. Ultimately, the Division Order Analyst’s job is to get as many owners as possible in pay status so that all revenue is disbursed in a timely manner. The NARO Conference provided a good opportunity to get to know the mineral owners, to answer questions and to help address concerns. It was a great learning experience for all involved.

Evelyn Kastner Sr. Division Order Analyst HighPoint Resources

NADOA Regional Seminar in Denver, CO By Jon Goldberg, Enerplus Resources

Questions about Net Royalty Acres calculations, title issues with Royalty Owners, and determining how to take the correct percentage from the non-consent interests were topics covered. Both speakers were more than willing to take the time to walk through the calculations step by step; even while they were missing important HR meetings about their employer’s upcoming merger. April Luedecke and Michele Lawton reminded everyone that working on an Excel spreadsheet is only part of what makes a great analyst. These ladies are amazing teachers who made advanced calculations look easy.

NADOA’s Regional Seminar in Denver this year was held downtown at the Enerplus office on August 15, 2019. Our speakers, April Luedecke and Michele Lawton, led us through a day full of questions, scenarios, and tales of audited emails from disgruntled royalty owners. The focus of the seminar was centered on Division Order calculations but the class was not limited to the realm of just Division Orders. It was great for Michele and April to take time out of the week/month/year to help grow the Division Order community and assist in refreshing the attendees on the protocols and moral issues that arise in day to day events.


N a t i o n a l A s s o c i a t i o n o f D i v i s i o n O r d e r A n a l y s t s

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