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Abe is an extremely preco- cious child who has been rein- carnated from many past lives as a Tibetan Buddhist Master. His mission is to introduce nature spirits - including fair- ies, gnomes, and fauns - to humanity. To gain credibility, Abe must get highly educated very quickly in mathematics and ecology. He is aided in his quest by many beings in the physical plane and elsewhere. Will he succeed and change minds? This Eastern metaphysical story involving nature spirits opens new worlds of possi- bilities.

Abe, a former Tibetan Master, is reincarnated this time around to make sure that Nature Spirits become better known to humankind. Nature Spirits include fairies, gnomes, and fauns. Abe is an extremely precocious child whose many past lives have given him the wisdom he needs for the task. After his success with the Nature Spirits in the last book of this series, Abe and the Wee Folk, Abe is given the further task of building a DNA simulator to alert the world to the dangers of unregulated genetic engineering.

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$19.95 ● Paperback ● 9781682357293 $4.99 ● eBook

The book gives an account of God’s revelations & messages revealed about the beginning, the past, the present and the future of humanity and the powerful prayers of healing of various diseases. The book also revealed the framework of our ex- istence and God’s plan for humanity. The Author, Dr. Yusuf Ajayi was born in Lagos, Nigeria on May 1st 1958, bags a Master’s Degree (MBA) in Technology Management from Ogun State University in year 2000 and also a Certified member of the Project Management Institute. He was also conferred an honorary Doctorate degree and a Professorship after completing his tutelage under God Almighty for about 15 years and also appointed as “THE MESSIAH” (The reincarnat- ed Oduduwa, the reincarnated Adam, the reincar- nated Jesus) by God Almighty to safe humanity According to Dr. Yusuf Ajayi, for God said to me, “I have given you the key of life and everything that pertain onto godliness” He is the author of the following books 1. The great revelation, the book of life: the tree of life 2. The great revelation, the book of life: the Mes- siah is Here 3. God’s Secrets : The Clues To Our Life And Existence The Great Revelation, The Book of Life: The Tree of Life

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