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People from another planet have turned Earth into a reality TV show. After thou- sands of years they have saturated our planet with everything from fake ants and flies to fake humans capable of recording every- thing. Bot Diaries tell stories like: What happened to the thirty pieces of silver paid to Judas to betray his friend Je- sus? What happened during the last years of Cleopatra’s life? Read Bot Diaries to find out!

In Exasperated Clock , the 12 numbers on the clock are silly, noisy, and irresponsible. Consequently, the Clock decides to throw each of the numbers off which becomes quite a prob- lem because the numbers are on their own and are clueless. Eventually each number finds a better job than working on the clock. Kids will giggle their way through this book laugh- ing at the antics of the numbers and their gainful, whimsical and surreal em- ployment. The

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What happens when a conventional- ly trained, materialistic psychiatrist is challenged by the growing holis- tic, spiritual view of life? Make All Things New gives a dynamic picture of his resistance and inner turmoil as he slowly finds that his entrenched worldview is unsustainable. A grad- ual inner transformation is brought about by encounters with a cluster of gifted young people and by startling events in England, America and, cru- cially, in Africa. He ends as someone wholly different. His address to a gathering in Afri- ca concludes, ‘Dear friends, do not draw a curtain across new scenes that disconcert, a curtain made heavy by stale thinking, dead theory. I did so for too long, but let the cleansing wind of experience, confrontation blow that curtain aside. Let it blow. Make all things new. Come meet the people of Grant Lake, Colorado. Fall in love with them as they find a home, learn love is often nothing like you expected, discover secrets and truths, and solve a murder...or five. In A Journey Begun , Diann and her son, Ducky, flees from an abusive relation- ship in western Pennsylvania to Grant Lake. Not only do they find refuge in Grant Lake, but they begin a new life, this time full of unexpected friendships and love.

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