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Who says life is boring? Soft Paws and his friends discover a new adventure is just a few steps away. From escaping Dred Fox’s hungry jaws, to finding how they got their names, learning how the Son of the Highest is ready to help them at all times and learning wonderful lessons from their pastor, B’Elder, and other friends along with tough love from their parents, the Buni’s have their days full of fun, learning, growing and good times. They learn about responsibility, (finders keep- ers – really?), God’s part of our money, what it’s for and how it works to bring bless- ings into our lives; missions; carelessness and its results, Bumbleberries, happiness is helping, first things first, why leaves fall and Yucko food. Soft Paws, Bruiser, Big Ears, Grey Spot, Silky and more take you into their world of B’Earth and lift your spirit with each lesson learned and show you to include God in your everyday life – AND HAVE FUN DOING IT! An ex-rock star’s girlfriend is found dead and the detective believes it’s the work of the serial killer known as the Beatles Song Murderer. He also believes it’s somebody that the musician knows—and knows well. But who could that be?


$14.99 ● Paperback ● 9781644370957 $25.99 ● Hardback ● 9781644371992 $2.99 ● eBook

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One day on October Mountain, about half- way between Pittsfield and Becket, Massachu- setts, on the Washington Mountain Road, a hiker is enjoying the lovely fall day when he comes across an old abandoned church. Full of intrigue, he steps inside, and what he comes across next is something he never expects. As he enters he is shocked to hear a small voice call out to him and upon turning toward the sound, discovers it is a mouse talking to him! Conversations with a Church Mouse is a fun tale that teaches us we should follow God while enduring life’s challenges and enjoying its victories.


$14.00 ● Paperback ● 9781954215573 $22.00 ● Hardback ● 9781954215580 $9.00 ● eBook

$50.99 ● Paperback ● 9781669843122 $58.99 ● Hardback ● 9781669843115

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