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I have taught children to develop their art skills using the principles described in The Ele- ments of Art. I have concluded… that if you give a child a piece of paper, a pencil, a line example, enclose the line and fill it with color… a work of art will be created. The Elements of Art were written for children so that they can learn to fill their space and create art.

Janie Query and her friend, Prudence Leery help her small town uncover a drug op- eration.


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Persuasion is not the only determinant in life, and there are some matters mostly outside of persuasive control, such as congenital ill- ness, physical attacks, weather, death, etc. Even these, however, will have elements of choice and certainly vary in spin and/or in- terpretation. This work, unlike vir- tually every other work on this topic, examines persuasion as within the power of the per- suader, not as the result of inexorable demands of reality, except in the cases listed above.

Nancy McCarvill Author



With a quiet Midwest town as their playground, a group of friends spend their teenage years playing an intense game of hide-and-seek. When a disaster in their senior year of high school fractures the group, they move on with their lives, eventually losing contact. Several years later, an old classmate who has experi- enced ghost hunting, returns to a reunion and explores the cause of this disaster. She conducts a paranormal investigation that begins uncover- ing the secrets that the friends left behind and a quest that has spanned over forty years.

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