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Miracles Master the Art teach- es people how to heal themselves without medicine by consciously changing their attitudes, feelings, and beliefs from negative to posi- tive. It includes a guide, 12 Steps to Heal Yourself Without Medicine, to help you discover the specific positive words that will heal your illness. Helps you understand that we live in a spiritual universe mis- understood to be physical. Teaches you how to control the pure spirit energy that you are made of. Ex- plains in detail the spiritual cause for the ongoing murders on Earth. By learning to control your thought choices and attitudes and by add- ing certain words to your thinking, you will control your own health, wealth, and peace of mind.

Invasion Revealed explains the invisible negative elements that are invading the mental realm of people on earth from a spiritual perspective. After detox, the intoxicating spirits and harmful drugs may be ab- sent from your body, but you still have a demonic invasion going on in your mind that will continue to torment you, un- less you learn specific words to think that will change your mental atmosphere into a place of peace and tranquility. By un- derstanding what you need to change, you can overcome the mental intrusion, achieve inner peace, and finally get well.

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The music, beauty, waters, flowers, joy, peace, love, relationships, and more, described by fifty published eyewitnesses.

This book explains the way to release the negative elements that cause mental illness, alcoholism and drug addiction. After detox, the intoxicating spirits and harmful drugs may be absent from your body, but unclean spirits are still present in your mind and will continue to torment you until you learn how to get rid of them. To recover from incurable illnesses, you have to change the way you habitually mistreat yourself in the silence of your self-talk. As you learn to per- manently reverse your attitudes toward yourself, you achieve greater health and inner peace, and only then.

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