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Rooted in research, tested in real-life trials of a family care- giver, the tools and tactics found in this concise, compassionate book are practical and effec- tive. This book is packed with engaging stories, self-care rec- ommendations, questionnaires, checklists, activities, and dis- cussion questions that will help caregivers preserve their health, well-being, and capacity to care.

Take the time to marvel at God’s creation and you’ll soon be asking Do You See What I See? Author Brenda Wilson shares stories full of the wonder and amazement of everyday life. Her vivid experience are a reminder to all of us to slow down and notice God in our midst—His humor, strength, and beauty—by con- sciously looking for His hand at work.

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From his arrival as a teen, an Irish immigrant strug- gles in a warring society against nature and himself to build a life in America. After returning from the Civil War, he becomes a threat to those closest and forges head-on into an ir- reparable tragedy for his family.

Weathering the storms of life, Pastor Velinda Webb Smith shares the spiritual lessons learned from her tumultuous journey. Pastor Velinda Webb Smith breaks down her lessons into three simple sections: applying pureness of integrity to life as a Christian and your relationship with God, how to remain pure and moral as a man or a woman in today’s world, how to maintain a relationship with God and each other as a family, and finally how to apply all these lessons learned to the community as a whole. Pastor Velinda Webb Smith provides clear definitions of integrity and what it means for a rich and fulfilling Christian life, along with examples from the Bible to further emphasize the importance of God and Jesus’s words.

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