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How do you love God? How does a loving God allow dif- ficult things to happen in your life? Can you even believe that God ex - ists? The secret to loving God is

trusting in His word and learning from and liv - ing through the stories found in the Bible. We can love God through prayer, through obedi - ence, and through faith. We can even love God when we suffer. Loving God will help you grow in Him and help build the foundation to trusting and loving the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Deborah Tarver Waters invites us to join her on a spiritual odyssey that takes us deeper into an exploration of God’s love for us and our love for Him. Through personal witness and candid sharing, Tarver Waters illustrates how God’s gracious loving pursuit of us opens the door for a healing and transforming relationship with Him.

A Journey Through Ladakh chronicles a honeymoon vacation made by Jan and her then husband, John Blaustein, to the territory of Ladakh.

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Written for the future, Pandemic: A Call to Love , is useful for all of us today. It is an in - timate conversation, a sharing of our person - al feelings about the trials and tribulations we face day to day. As Dr. Bruce puts it, “it sheds some light into the darkness of these times.”

The book supports the training effort for incoming procurement professionals. It is based on practical experience, lessons learned of a procurement professional, and material developed over the years to train internal procurement staff. The goal of the book is to offer current managers a tool to guide the new professionals in advancing their procurement skills. It focuses on the three basic procurement methods: the invitation to bid, the re - quest for qualifications, and the request for proposals. It addresses the appropri - ate use of each method and explains the rationale for the inclusion of key compo - nents in the solicitation document, elab - orating on how these components work together to make the process effective. The book also provides examples to il - lustrate the sections described. It touches briefly on standardization opportunities and the importance of using terminol - ogy that is consistent and in line with the method. It illustrates the difference between evaluation criteria and submit - tal requirements; and provides guidance for their development. A final high-level guide depicting the use and evaluation milestones organized by method is also provided.


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