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This book is about the life of the au- thor. It focuses on her faith, her hope, and her endurance during the years of her illness. In this true story, you will learn the how and why about the effects that changed her family’s life-the author’s Crohn’s disease, the fourteen blood clots, toxic gut syn- drome, colitis, tumors, ulcers, verti- go, weight gain and loss, pregnancies, the many surgeries, and how her body would not wake up after some of her surgeries. Having COPD, asthma, sleep apnea, allergies, an enlarged heart, heart diseases, high blood pres- sure, high cholesterol, diabetes, her- nia, broken toes, swelling, flatlined, everyday fluid build-up, gallstones, a broken back, a broken neck, and surgery for Crohn’s disease, she was almost paralyzed. Not only that, she had bypass and skin removal due to mold. This book discusses all these and the loss of everything for forty years from the mold and much more.

The Therapist by Kathlyn C. White, Marriage and Family Therapist, takes you on a journey into the secret world of therapy. It is filled with stories of chal - lenges people go through that lead the to the therapist’s couch. Read about what it is like to have PTSD, hallucinations from Psychosis, Depression, and more. Learn how to parent better and be a great partner in your marriage. The Therapist takes you where few are allowed.

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There is a higher form of life avail- able to us all through Christ Jesus. He died to take away our sins and, if we ask Him to, we can be with Him in heaven forever. His grace is a gift for all of us to receive. North American Bible Study will help you deepen your relationship with the Lord, through reading His Word, meditating on His character, and praying. This book will help you answer your questions about faith and how the Holy Ghost works in our lives.

An adventure into lands he had only ever dreamed of seeing, a young man abruptly uproots himself from Los Angeles to live and work in Northern Thailand before journeying across the wide, wild, world.


$15.99 ● Paperback ● 9781667870137

$7.99 ● eBook

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