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Daughter of Destiny: Final Victory is the culmination of various trials and tribulations and ultimate victory. Take a journey into the lessons, revelations, and blessings of a woman after God’s own heart. You will learn ways to overcome barriers such as fear, self-doubt, tested faith, rejection, bullying, and social chaos. You will learn how to pray your way through life’s most difficult circumstances and how to practice patience and humility in the face of adversity.

A Garden of Poems is a collection of recent poems.

$16.99 ● Paperback ● 9781669839255 $28.99 ● Hardback ● 9781669839262 $3.99 ● eBook

$39.00 ● Hardcover ● 9781098075392

This is a series of stories written to spark discussions not only in school but at home as well. The author is an educator and a retired USAF officer. He put these short stories together for his children and grandchildren drawing from his experiences growing up and as an edu- cator and military officer. Many of these stories deal with real life issues all kids face. The stories are grounded in Bibli- cal principles and have Bible passages to look up for further study and discussion.

Beautiful, successful Carly has it all. A handsome boyfriend, a dream job, and money are all at her fingertips until a devastating chain of events turn her world upside down. Now she must choose between a short time of continued prosperity and compromise or a difficult life filled with danger and the unknown. Aftershock is a riveting depiction of end-time prophecies. The mystery that unfolds is both intrigu- ing and suspenseful. Follow Carly and John as they lead others in their awakening to the truth, the danger, and ultimate discoveries. Aftershock will have readers on the edge of their seats. This is a can’t-lay-down novel.

$10.99 ● Paperback ● 9781639453887 $22.99 ● Hardback ● 9781639453900 $2.99 ● eBook

$11.99 ● Paperback ● 9781949723809 $2.99 ● eBook

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