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God is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent. The Bible tells of his powers and more. Everything we need to know to be saved are all in the Bible. Most people, though, think the Bible is simply a written recording of anecdotes of God and his interaction with humans and the testament of his power. That is, however, not all of it. The scholars have excluded the apocrypha, purposely preserving the teachings that are constant throughout the books in the Bible. This makes the Bible more than just the collection of the sacred texts from the days of God. The scholars have observed a system. The Bible Is a Single Book un- dertakes the project of explaining the outline and theme found in the Bible. This will pave way for readers to be further enlightened when studying the Bible for their salvation.

We have problems in our health care when a significant portion of our GDP is spent on health care, and the price of health care is beyond the ability of anyone to pay because too much money is wasted, and intrinsic systems are creating problems.

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A balanced diet is the key to good nutrition - and nutrition is the foundation of our health and well-being. This recipe book, complete with tantalizing full-color photos, is your inspi- ration to explore a wide range of homemade, whole food, and vegan meals, including many raw food recipes to give you a full range of nutrients and en- zymes. You’ll be introduced to colorful and delicious Asian in- gredients such as bitter melon, okra, lotus root, wood ear and shiitake mushrooms, gai-lan (Chinese broccoli), and water spinach. With more than sev- enty meal ideas, there’s some- thing for everyone, including gluten-free, vegan, whole grain, and legume options. With easy prep and many delicious choic- es, Plant-Based Whole Food Recipes is an indispensable tool for healthy living!

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A collection of provocative observations from the novels and books of poetry by award-winning poet, Piero Rivolta. Laced with passion, wit and humor, and tinged with irony, they address a wide range of human concerns, including sexuality, ethnic differ - ences, media, politics, bureaucracy, money, creativ- ity, imagination, and consciousness. Rivolta’s love for humanity is as evident as his frustration with people’s pettiness, willful igno- rance and inability to learn from history. You may not agree with all of his assertions and suggestions, but they will challenge you, amuse you and make you think about your life with renewed vigor and curiosity. $9.99 ● Paperback ● 9781649616043 $3.99 ● eBook

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