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Love is proof of the existence of God. It is the relationship between God and all that is. It is the exis- tence of infinity existing as all that is. Wisdom is the applica-

tion of truth in ways that are kind and con- ducive. When one is loving and wise, he or she will always be appropriate in what is felt,

The Brotherhood of the Bat is the third and final install- ment in the VAMPIRO TRIL- OGY where various individ- uals and factions are brought together to face an unknown ultimate fate!

thought, and applied to all else. The measure of a man or woman is the contribution he or she makes to his or her fellows.

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This book has vital informa- tion that will answer many questions that those who suffer with PTSD and those close to them are asking. How does someone handle the grief experienced in combat? How does a spouse or other loved one handle the playing out of stress a combat veteran mani- fests when they return? Fear, Guilt, No Peace, and other is- sues are addressed. These are emotions that stir the soul and plague those who have experi- enced unimaginable trauma in a war zone or even in violent home situation. Psychology and drugs are not the answer. New Age philosophy will not help. The Bible has the answers and will be found in these pages to be the solution that so many have been look- ing for.

Heather reflects on her personal experiences of bereavement as a springboard to discuss many dif- ferent aspects of grief involving topics such as miscarriage, Covid 19, illness, faith, incarceration and migration to name a few.

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