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America is a land of promise, filled with adventure and overflowing with riches, thought young Peter Olaf. So in 1895, at the age of seventeen, he left his family and girlfriend to board a ship for the new world. In the next ten years Peter mutated from a naive, young, Swedish immigrant, swinging an axe in a logging camp, to a man of wealth and prestige. Along the way he encountered and overcame fearsome challenges and tragedies and the deep- est personal losses and betrayals. But he also built wonderfully strong friendships and family relationships. He experienced loves that were sometimes intensely pas- sionate, sometimes gentle or bittersweet, but only one would last a lifetime. Peter Olaf engages a rich blend of characters to carry Peters story from Sweden to Min- nesota and back, and even to a Louisiana prison. The personalities are vivid and strong, from lumberjack to Indian healer, flirtatious bosss daughter to gentle half- breed girl, businessman mentor to formi- dable police inspector. Peter Olaf is an account of a young immigrants early life, but it is also a study of the hardy people who worked and loved in an earlier time of our nation.

Christopher Redding, a middle-aged businessman, experiences a psychic phe- nomenon that changes his life. He meets a young woman who triggers the event. In the course of events, he finds himself in the body of another man in Mexico during the Mexican War. He meets a woman he feels he’s always known. On his return to the present, he finds that the man whose body he entered had transmigrated to his own body and caused havoc with his life, including making love to his wife and attempting to seduce his stepdaughter. With his life in chaos, Chris moves back and forth between eras, trying to choose between lives, loves, and problems that have become increasingly bizarre. He is hospitalized, jailed, wounded by Apach- es, and chased by Mexican cavalry. He pursues his Spanish love but encounters difficulties he couldn’t imagine. Chris’s modern life is in shambles, and he decides to give up his family in favor of the young woman he is now living with. But that is not the end of the story.

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As the United States prepares to enter the First World War the family of Peter Olaf is secure in their resort home in Northern Minnesota. But then Christian, the oldest of the sons, is dumped by his girlfriend and decides to enlist in the Canadian air force. In less than a year twin brothers enlist in the fledgling U.S. army. Very shortly all three are in France, Christian is flying a fighter, Sven is driving a Renault tank and Charles is leading an infantry platoon. But then, the army decides to hire men who are capable of running sawmills in France to supply our forces with lumber for the military infrastructure it desperately needs. Peter is running short on cash because people are buying war bonds instead of va- cationing so he talks his wife, Sarah, into letting him go to France. There are many tough battle situations be- fore Peter is reunited with his twin sons, but they are, at wars end. At loose ends while waiting for shipment back to the states the three go in search of Sarah’s lost relatives in France, and with the help of a friendly British cattle buyer they find them. Then with he help of a career U.S. sergeant they hunt for Christian who was badly in- jured when his plane was shot down and crashed in a river. They find him at an army hospital in London where he is recovering nicely with the help of a pretty nurse. Eventually all the men return home and try to adjust to civilian life. Mostly they suc- ceed, but each brother has a separate story.

The Prophet and the Warrior is historical fiction that follows the Biblical texts of the books of Moses as presented in the King James Bible. This novel enhances the various stories by adding di- alogue and expanding the role of various characters. It occasionally diverges from the Biblical text when an alternative context seems more logical to the author. Rich- ard H. Grabmeier’s own religious experience prompted him to read the Bible with a more critical eye.

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