Earlier researchers foreshadowed the idea of deriving frequencies IURPWKH³*RGJHQH´LH90$73UREDEO\WKHPRVWIDPRXVZDV-RHO Sternheimer. Sternheimer measured the frequency of plant amino ac- ids in their protein and played these sounds back to the plant. The re- sults were impressive. Plants exposed to the frequencies grew several times faster and larger. They were more resistant to disease and pests; the fruit of these plants was much larger and more plentiful. The “mu- VLF´6WHUQKHLPHUGHYHORSHGKDUPRQL]HGDQG³WXQHG´WKHSODQWV¶LQWHU - nal structures- the end result was far healthier plants. 7KHUHDUHFRXQWOHVVGRFXPHQWHGFDVHVRIKRZVRXQGFDQD̆ HFWDQG heal us. There are many theories, and though a complete explanation does not exist, a clear picture is emerging, with deeper understand- LQJV LQWULFDWH FRQQHFWLRQV DQG UHODWLRQVKLSV EHLQJ VROLGL¿HG HYHU\ year. 7RFDSWXUHWKHHVVHQFHRIZKDWLVDWZRUNLW¶VLPSRUWDQWWRXQGHU - stand every living and inanimate thing has an energetic aspect. Sound is vibrational energy, and when the appropriate frequencies of sound interact with us and our environment (our bodies, our living spaces, SHWVHWF WKHVHVRXQGIUHTXHQFLHVFDQDOWHUDQGWUDQVIHURXUIXQGD - PHQWDO HQHUJLHV 7KH $QFLHQWV OHDUQHG WKLV ORQJ DJR 6RPH RI WKHVH traditions have survived and been passed down to us. There are nu- PHURXV0RGHUQ0DVWHUVRI6RXQG+HDOLQJVRPHIDPRXVRWKHUVRE - scure, but fantastic work has been ongoing. 6SHFL¿FVRXQGIUHTXHQFLHVDQGWKHUDSLHVKDYHVKRZQWKHLPSDFWRI VXEMHFWVLQQXPHURXVZD\VEULHÀ\GHVFULEHGEHORZ6RPHZHOOGRFX - mented areas that have demonstrated results include: ‡6WUHVVUHGXFWLRQDQGUHOD[DWLRQEHQH¿WV • Sleep improvement ‡%ORRGSUHVVXUHUHGXFWLRQ PDQDJHPHQW HYHQLQKLJKO\VWXE ERUQFDVHV ‡3DWKRJHQDWWDFNDQGWUHDWPHQWRILOOQHVVHV ÀXDQGYLUXVHV ‡5HOLHIZLWKEUHDWKLQJLVVXHV DOOHUJLHVDQGHYHQ(PSK\VHPD ‡$FFHOHUDWHGKHDOLQJRIEURNHQERQHVDQGGDPDJHGWLVVXHV RIWHQ EDGFDVHV 6SHFL¿FIUHTXHQFLHVFDQEH³9LEUDWLRQDO9HUVLRQV´RUZKDW6KDUU\ Edwards calls “Frequency Equivalents” 70 of a vast array of particular items or compounds, such as: vitamins and minerals; nutrients and related compounds; pathogen and “anti-pathogen” agents; human RUJDQVWLVVXHVFRPSRXQGVRUFRPSRQHQWVRIWKHVHLWHPVDQGPDQ\ more.

The Subtle Energy Connection Sound Energies can interact with “Subtle Energy” for profound changes. Subtle Energy is energy that has not been directly measured RUGHWHFWHG+RZHYHULWVSUHVHQFHDQGSURIRXQGLQÀXHQFHVDUHZLGHO\ accepted in many traditions (including many ancient cultures, spiritu- al populations, alternative health advocates and even cutting-edge sci- HQWLVWV 6XEWOH(QHUJ\LVDEULGJHEHWZHHQWKHSK\VLFDODQGVSLULWXDO UHDOPV0DQ\EHOLHYH6XEWOH(QHUJ\LVDWWKHURRWRIPDQ\P\VWHULHV such as psychic abilities, most “miracles,” unexplained healings and other phenomena that we know are real but go against our current sci- HQWL¿FPRGHOV)XUWKHU6XEWOH(QHUJ\LQWHUDFWVZLWKPDWHULDOWKLQJV VXFKDVKXPDQJHQHV DQGRWKHUIRUPVRIHQHUJ\EXWLWPXVWEHPDGH accessible to us, and that is one of the things that appropriate sound frequencies accomplish. The modern physicist cannot explain the behavior of a fundamen- tal subatomic particle, such as the electron, without invoking a wave QDWXUH 5HVHDUFKHUV LQWR WKH ERG\¶V VXEWOHHQHUJ\ V\VWHPV VSHDN RI WKHLQWULFDWHPDUULDJHRIPDWWHUDQGHQHUJ\$FRPSHOOLQJSLFWXUHLV emerging that paints the human organism as interacting subtle-ener- gy systems 6RPHSHRSOH¿UPO\EHOLHYHWKDWE\DSSO\LQJWKHDSSURSUL - ate vibrational energy, the subtle-energy states can be returned to the proper balance, restoring health and wellbeing. This understanding is the basis of many ancient healing traditions, such as acupuncture. It is an area of modern study we are just beginning to fully explore and understand. -LOO0DWWVRQLVDSUROL¿FDUWLVWPXVLFLDQDQGDXWKRU-LOOLVDZLGHO\UHF - RJQL]HGH[SHUWDQGFRPSRVHULQWKH¿HOGRI6RXQG &RORU+HDOLQJDQGKDV SURGXFHGPXVLFZLWKWKH*RG*HQHIUHTXHQFLHV,WFDQEHIRXQGDWZZZ -LOOV:LQJV2I/LJKWFRP

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