MIND-BODY-SPIRIT Reconnective Healing: Shattering the Illusion of Time & Space BY ROB KOENIG

through our direct experience, is! Reconnective Healing is, in fact, just that. It is a process that serves as the gateway to our expanded aware- ness of our multi-dimensional existence. It allows us to reach beyond the illusion of space-time itself, revealing the profound connections we share with one another as integral parts of a unified whole. Quantum physics has offered us new models to describe the nature of our universe, one in which distant particles entangle and commu- nicate as if engaged in a timeless dance. It’s a universe where every - thing is touching, yet nothing touches at all — a conscious landscape that can be affected by our mere attention to it. Lab experiment after experiment bear these truths to be self-evident. Yet, for those of us that don’t have particle accelerators and expensive photon detectors, we still have visceral proof of the quantum world we inhabit: through Reconnective Healing, these new definitions of reality play themselves out in our everyday lives. The Reconnective Healing Experience As we share in a Reconnective Healing (RH) exchange, we realize our innate capacity to influence another’s physicality simply through our gaze and attention. As we play with and explore the seemingly “empty space” that separates us from each other, we enter into a dance in which both partners are engaged. Suddenly, the illusion of sepa- ration vanishes as feedback is received through a number of tell-tale “registers” — the fluttering of eyelids, the sudden twitch of a finger, the flush of the skin. Something seemingly miraculous is taking place, yet perhaps it is just our “extra” ordinary selves fulfilling our potential as multi-dimensional, integrally-connected beings. Studies conducted by Dr. Gary Schwartz, Director of the Labora - tory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona, showed how RH practitioners enter into states of extreme awareness, peace and stillness when interacting with their clients — a state he described as “emotional quiescence.” It is in this space that they are able to perceive, and ultimately, entrain with a comprehensive spectrum of vibrational frequencies comprised of energy, light and in- formation. It is through the interaction with these Reconnective Heal - ing frequencies that we begin to know ourselves as true trans-sensory beings with the capacity to transcend our apparent physical barriers. Yes, our five senses have served us well; but through the Recon - nective Healing experience, we are evolving into conscious, self-aware

It’s an early fall morning, and the alarm at our bedside rings, jolt - ing us from the coziness of our slumber. Slowly, we open our eyes to take in the first rays of sunlight streaming through our window blinds. As we reluctantly drag our legs over the side of the bed, our feet reach for the chilly wood floor beneath us. Suddenly, we catch the fragrant aroma of a freshly brewed pot of coffee, and we are propelled onward as we eagerly await the taste of that first hot cup. It is a routine we know well, one that illustrates the familiar world taken in through our five senses. The sound of the alarm, the image of sunlight, the feel of the cold wood floor, and the taste and smell of the coffee - we take in this data, translate it, and, through our five senses, define our physical playground. Humans have always explored time-space reality on earth, and we perpetuate myths about the universe based on our observations. These myths are born from seemingly reliable perceptions of our physical environment. The vivid picture brought through our senses has lulled us into the conclusion that all is as it seems. We can’t be blamed for this, when this is all we’ve known. The truth is, our senses have served us well. They have helped us navigate this time-space arena and allowed us to appreciate what it means to experience our local, human, physical existence. But do our five senses tell the whole story of our place in this universe? And if not, are we ready to reach beyond what we’ve come to know and explore our non-physical, multidimensional reality? Acknowledging that we are more than just our physical bodies may not be a revolutionary concept for many. However, “knowing” it

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