NAWIC Today Sept.-Oct.

After beginning her career as project manager, she experienced her share of unfair treatment and comments. Despite this, she put her head down and plowed through. “Did I enjoy working in the field despite being low woman on the totem pole? Yes. It’s sometimes difficult to be taken seriously but I’ve learned over the years to take my time, really understand what’s going on and try to see the challenges before presenting my ideas,” she said. Mitchell was invited several times by a colleague to attend a NAWIC meeting. It was not until the company she was working for requested that project managers join an association or a group that she decided to sit in on a meeting.

"I took her up on attending and have never looked back." look for business,” she said. “I took her up on attending and have never looked back.” member, was a vendor of ours and she always asked me to attend a meeting every time I spoke to her. Finally, our company asked all the project managers to start joining groups and Being around other women who understood what it was like to be in a male- dominated industry drew her in, Mitchell said. “It checked every box for me: networking, community service, industry outreach, leadership, and friendship. I have made friends all over the country but several unbreakable friendships right in my back yard,” she said.

“Carolyn Garrety, a longtime San Francisco chapter


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